Edna Young of Temecula celebrates 100

Edna Young. Courtesy photo

Edna Young of Temecula celebrated her 100th birthday, Thursday, Oct.19. She was born in Conway, Michigan, as the seventh of 10 children to Cora (Volles) and Andrew Estes. While her parents and most of her siblings have died, she and her younger sister, Phyllis Whiting, 97, are still living.

At the age of 17, in 1935, Edna had had enough of the cold weather in Michigan, so she decided to hitchhike to California where she met and married William Young in 1941. Together she and William adopted three children, Penny, MicThael and Jackie.

“Six months before Pearl Harbor they were working in Hawaii, but had to leave because dad had gotten sick,” daughter Penny said.

Edna and William were self-employed entrepreneurs and worked together operating a window cleaning business, prepared homes for sale in the community and went on to create decorative pillows and hassocks which they sold to major brands including Broadway and J.C. Penny. She also worked at Costco in Temecula, later in life.

From 1977 to 1982 Edna and her then retired husband moved to Las Vegas where they built their home and Edna went on to work as a change girl at the Aladdin Casino from the time she was 60 years old until she retired at age 65. Together they returned to Desert Hot Springs then Hemet, as retirees.

“They always made a home and a safe place for us,” Penny said. “She has never said give up, she pushed forward through the hardships, she is a very strong lady.”

The couple eventually moved to Temecula to live with Penny. Sadly, William died in 1994.

Edna remained active bowling twice a week at Brunswick Zone Cal-Oaks Bowl until she was 98 and one-half years old.

In celebration of turning 100 years old Edna will be surrounded by family and friends, including her bowling teammates Sunday, Oct. 22, in her home in Temecula that she still shares with daughter Penny.

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