Menifee Valley Medical Center: Medical Care with Compassion

Director of Nursing Janny Nelsen and Menifee Valley Medical Center CEO Dan McLaughlin stand in front of the hospital’s emergency room entrance that sees as many as 20,000 patients each year seeking emergency medical treatment.
Director of Nursing Janny Nelsen and Menifee Valley Medical Center CEO Dan McLaughlin stand in front of the hospital’s emergency room entrance that sees as many as 20,000 patients each year seeking emergency medical treatment.

Sitting in the center of growing and prospering Menifee is the award-winning Hemet Valley Medical Center intent upon providing its patients the very best in medical attention whether in an emergency or for general treatment.

Highly skilled emergency treatment physicians and nurses are standing by 24-hours a day to treat and if necessary, admit the seriously ill or injured to its 84 beds, including six Intensive Care and four cardiac suites. Once admitted, patients are assured they will be tended to with the utmost care and concern. The hospital has 292 employees, one of the largest employers in rapidly growing Menifee.

There are approximately 200 doctors on staff available day or night, specializing in family medicine, general surgery, spinal surgery, neurosurgery orthopedics and other critical specialties, ready to meet every medical need.

The Menifee Valley Medical Center, located at 28400 McCall Boulevard in Menifee is aligned with the Hemet Valley Medical Center under the direction of Dan McLaughlin, FACHE, chief executive officer of the noted Physicians for Healthy Hospitals (PHH). PHH is owned by Kali P. Chaudhuri of KPC Global
McLaughlin, formerly vice president of Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Angeles, arrived at the Menifee hospital with his one goal in mind for every patient who seeks medical attention at the local hospitals.

“The prime objective of this hospital is quality outcomes coupled with great customer service. This has always been the hallmark of my leadership. On customer service he highlighted, “If you greet people well and if you care about them and if they know there is a strong element of compassion in all areas, from nursing to food service, it makes an amazing difference of what that service to the patient’s experience of care .”

The hospital was recently recognized by Healthgrades, a national firm that measures clinical outcomes, for not its outstanding five star rating in Carotid Surgery, Total Knee Replacements, Pacemaker Procedures and excellence in Patient Safety. It is also recognized by the Collaborative Alliance for Nursing Outcomes (CALNOC) for Best Performance Awards in Preventing Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers, Preventing Hospital Acquired Infections both in critical care and its total facility. The Menifee Hospital’s Emergency Department with its Beta Healthcare Group has won the status of a Quest for Zero-for nursing process reliability and patient safety.

In late January of this year Menifee Valley Medical Center hosted California Department of Public Health officials making their three-year inspection of the hospital and received high marks for their overall patient care.

“We had a very good outcome,” said McLaughlin. “We were very pleased.”

The hospital continues to bring in some of the latest medical, and emergency room equipment like its new Pancreas Ultrasound Endoscope (EUS) used by surgeons in advanced Gastroenterology. It’s used by some of the top surgeons in the nation.

Menifee Valley Medical Center CEO McLaughlin and his staff are aware of the envisioned growth of the Menifee Valley and the future medical needs of the community and are planning for that eventuality. Seen as a part of the hospital campus in the future is a balanced level of service for the entire community. It will include a medical office building that would include local doctors’ offices, radiology, outpatient services and a pharmacy in addition to an acute rehabilitation unit, a psychiatric or chemical dependency facility. “We have plenty of land here,” McLaughlin said. “We want to be ahead of the curve.”

Menifee residents old and new will find Menifee Valley Medical Center there to serve their every medical need today and in the future. It is located in a beautiful setting with orange groves surrounding it and easy entrance and exiting from McCall Boulevard.

The hospital is open for emergency services 24-hours a day. For information about the hospital or admissions call (951) 679-8888.




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