Artist and entertainer Billy Watson will appear at Wilson Creek Winery Saturday, June 21

Billy is an entertainer extraordinaire, capable of throwing down a blues show that can be infectiously hilarious. His energy as a frontman is relentless, his vocals inspiring, and his harp work musically outstanding. Billy’s repertoire ranges from creepy grooves, grinding shuffles, to fast boogies and swings. Yet audiences do not flock to his shows simply for his mastery of the harmonica… they are drawn by his magnetic stage personality and the idea of never knowing what antic may be next!

Blues music was created by people looking for a way to forget their “blues” by telling their stories through song. Billy’s show reminds modern audiences that blues music can be lowdown, but that in the end it’s all about having some fun, dancing, and forgetting about your worries.

Billy Watson is also an artist. Since 1988,Watson has installed over fifty art shows in coffee shops, hair salons, and restaurants throughout the San Diego area. His creativity and versatility is evidenced by a variety of mediums ranging from watercolors and pastels to socio-political assemblages and hand painted model airplanes. Many local art patrons have admired his work, having purchased over two hundred pieces.

With an interactive flair, Watson’s work evokes responses ranging from praise to laughter to vandalism and theft. Upon receiving a bachelor’s of fine arts in graphic design from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Watson decided to travel west to experience the lifestyle of Southern California. Finding random work painting surfboards, fabricating signs, and life guarding, Watson eventually got the blues.

Now driven by this internal ghost, Watson fronts his own show. It is a harmonica blues show that focuses on creating a humorous and entertaining experience for the live viewer while also paying tribute to the legends that created the music.

Billy will be performing a free show on Saturday, June 21 at Wilson Creek Winery from noon to 4 pm. Wilson Creek Winery is located at 35960 Rancho California Road in Temecula. For more information call (951) 699-9463.

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