Arts Council Menifee honors Edie Schmoll

Describing local pianist, music educator, writer and painter Edie Schmoll as a dedicated and hardworking woman is an understatement.

Schmoll began taking piano lessons at 13 in her hometown of Boston and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about playing classical music. She continued to refine her piano skills for many years, including most recently by taking classes in Menifee.

“Music is my forte,” said Schmoll. “I’ve been playing the piano and organ off and on for many years.”

At 16, she performed in her first recital in front of a crowd of 200. That is also the age at which she began one of her many careers: music educator. She has had over 200 private students and still teaches piano, organ and accordion.

“I like teaching music, its fun” says Schmoll. “My students are like my family.”

Schmoll shares her musical talents throughout the community by working as a performer and composer. She entertains several times a year at many local hospitals, convalescent centers and retirement centers. Last month, she performed piano selections during Arts Council Menifee’s Gallery Reception.

She has also performed at several churches in the area. At Trinity Lutheran Church in Hemet, she debuted her original hymn titled “Now the Lord Said (My Will Be Done) as part of a church service in 2009.

In an effort to be a well-rounded artist, Schmoll is now a visual and literary artist as well.

Her beginning with oil and pastel painting occurred four years ago following the loss of her husband. Her paintings emit the same level of passion that she has for her other artistic endeavors, the only difference being in the senses involved. Schmoll’s lively, colorful and impressionistic style of artwork is the main reason why she was nominated in 2011 for the prestigious National Artwork Award by the group American Mensa for a piece titled “Glow.”

Schmoll has also been writing for 10 years and has published articles in several online magazines. After taking one semester of creative writing at a community college, she won a National Poetry Award from American Mensa in 2008 for her poem titled “And Now” and became a contributing writer and resident poet for Inland Empire Mensa.

She is also the author of four books: “A Crime Against One Person: HMO Nightmare” (2010), “Serenade: Word Songs” (2011), “Rain and Rainbows: Short Story Collection” (2011), and “Holly, The Christmas Tree Fairy” (2012). She is currently composing a new book containing a collection of “Music Songs” for piano and vocal, which will be published sometime this year.

Schmoll says her success at juggling all of her professional and artistic commitments is due to her dedication to continue learning and growing.

“Anyone who has retired should do volunteer work to help themselves and others,” she says. “Everyone should keep learning and trying new things.”

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  1. artist   February 27, 2014 at 2:15 am

    I dont think she good enough to get an award. Im an artist that is extremely good in realism, however i got tired of art. I was known in my fomer college classes as their best artist and also known to be more talend than college teachers. Believe me the best artist are the ones that are hidden away from the public


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