Dancers to hover in space at Old Town Temecula Community Theater

TEMECULA – ‘Hover Space,’ a sensation by the Printz Dance Project will be presented on Friday, Jan. 17 and Saturday, Jan. 18 at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater.

In 2011, Printz Dance Project took on the creation of an evening-length work called ‘Hover Space’ which premiered its home season at Z Space at Theater Artaud, San Francisco. The project was huge and is the company’s largest project to date – and it is called Hover Space.

Reviewers lauded the presentation with high praise, saying “with a talented cast, unique concept and inventive movement, ‘Hover Space’ is a slam dunk.”

The vision for a floating stage space to represent a middle ground has led to collaboration with designer and engineer Sean Riley on what has been dubbed the “Hover Floor,” a 12- by 16-foot stage space suspended from the ceiling of the theater on four chain motors. This stage-within-a-stage can raise and lower, but also tilt to extreme angles, affording dancers multiple planes to dance on and new ways to execute contemporary dance.

DJ and composer Mochipet will mix and perform the electronic musical score live. Lighting designer David Szlaza will add depth and layers to ‘Hover Space’ by lighting both under and above the set piece. Costumes are by Catherine Myre.

Dancers include Dudley Flores, Jenni Bregman, Sharon Gallagher, Stacey Printz, Nhan Ho, Suzy Myre, Elizabeth Chitty, Kelsi Auday, Amanda Lacro, Joshua Lau, Sadie Carhart, and Deborah Saputo.

After watching the preliminary showing of Hover Space, acclaimed writer/performer Marc Bamuthi Joseph described it as follows: “Hover Space is an ambition and a threat, a tender challenge of vertical space and conventional dance-making, a playground for engineers and a leap forward for enthusiasts of the moving body. Stacey Printz is making a work that literally and figuratively functions on multiple planes, harnessing her kinetic and architectural imagination with disciplined abandon. The result is an experiment in how artists can at once defy gravity, and also fall into the patterns and rabbit holed madness of the human heart.”

Performances will be Jan. 17 at 8 p.m. and Jan. 18 at 8 p.m.

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