Hey, big spender

This was a deadline week in the California Legislature. That means the Senate and Assembly worked to get bills out of their respective houses to “make new laws” for this year. As a believer in small government, that means I had absolutely no bills up for a vote this week. But—the socialists in the Legislature […]

Kelo Therapy

There is a cancer in the body politic of our country today. Simply stated, it is eminent domain abuse. More broadly, it is the effort of our federal, state and local governments to erode long-standing property rights in real estate. For most of the history of our country, people have believed that their home was […]

The canary is on life support in the Schwarzenegger Administration

I am going to apologize in advance for the metaphors to follow, but they do make the point. Politics is a lot like football. It is a team sport for individuals with similar goals. The team advances its agenda, sometimes in small increments, moving the ball toward “victory.” The only real difference between football and politics is that […]

Follow the Money

Politics have always been about distributing the “booty” of the private sector. Politicians, in their pirate mode, take from taxpayers, claiming they’re taking from the rich, and then distribute that take with their political supporters. This is as it always has been.Even James Madison wrote, in 1787, in the Federalist No. 10, that much of […]

Budget solution

From 1999 to 2002, I wrote articles showing the state was headed for fiscal disaster. It was increasing spending far faster than the economy was growing. In fact, in my articles, “The Perfect Budget Storm” and “The Budget that Ate California,” written in May and July of 2001, I predicted massive budget deficits within the […]

A Real Club For Growth In California

There are two reasons why people get involved with politics: (1) the personal pursuit of money and power, and (2) the pursuit of a political agenda related to personal beliefs about the role of government. There is also a dilemma in politics — the candidate or officeholder cannot pursue a political agenda based on principle […]

Finally Fixing the Budget

P.J. O’Rourke once wrote, “Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.” We have seen this time and again with the reckless behavior of our state government. History should be a good teacher. We should learn from experience. Every child who touches a hot stove once learns […]

Republicans and taxes: the middle ground

I read a recent opinion from a columnist whose politics leans towards the more liberal side of the political spectrum complaining about Republicans opposition to taxes. He complains that Republicans are “carping” about Schwarzenegger caving into the Democrats on spending, and claims that some Schwarzenegger aide called Republicans a “sack of ingrates” because of that […]

Going for broke on minimum wage

The economic recovery in America has begun, if you believe the Labor reports and most of the economists. It has also started in California. If you look at the increased revenues coming into the state and some other indicators. It hasn’t recovered so strongly, though, that it can withstand continued efforts by the Democrats in […]

Proudly Partisan

A regular complaint in the media and at community meetings I attend in the district is that we legislators are “too partisan.” Every mention of a party label seems to make some people uncomfortable, as if we are suddenly over-politicizing a conversation or meeting.Welcome to politics!I will admit there have been times when legislators will […]