When President Obama said he would fundamentally change America

When President Obama said he would fundamentally change America; he has. Instead of unorganized pockets of governmental corruption, he has used his community organizing skills to institutionalize corruption from the top down. Anybody could see this all coming for years as government officials/civil servants care more about their own salaries and pensions than serving the […]

OPINION: Not what the people voted in Murrieta

The people of Murrieta voted by a margin of 2 to 1 to implement term limits and caps on city council and city management compensations. The ordinances that were originally produced recently by the city attorney and city council did not reflect the measures that were passed by the people. The city council is now […]

Opinion: Now is the time for Murrieta measures

What are the Murrieta Measures C, D and E, and why would anyone be against them? Measure C is term limits. It allows councilmembers to have two terms in and then a time out. If they choose to run again, they can’t run as incumbents. Incumbency can be a very powerful tool to be re-elected. […]

nnocent investors have to pay their profits back

The courts and the court-appointed lawyers and associates of a recent alleged “Ponzi” scheme are making money while innocent investors are paying their profits back. Some of these profits were in their retirement accounts. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t know it was illegitimate; the system has found a source of wealth they are going after. This is […]

‘Dying in the Desert’ coming to America

A lot has been made by illegal alien proponent groups about people crossing the desert to come to America who end up dying in the process. As I read these articles, I think of the Cubans who escape tyranny in their country by getting into tiny boats and risking the dangers of the sea to […]

Kerry has inconsistencies

John Kerry is a flip-flopper? Take a look at some of these examples: * Kerry was for the war, but then he was against it because he wanted to win this election, not because he is against the war. Kerry supporters can’t see or won’t see the hypocrisy.* Kerry runs on being a war hero […]

Why give illegal immigrants a break?

Where do good Americans go when confronted with President Bush’s plan to reward illegal immigrants with social security? Can we sit by and let the law be diminished or abandoned on this issue or let people who came here illegally have the same rights as people who spent time in line to come here legally?What […]