Three valedictorians for Temescal Canyon grad ceremonies

This time of year, graduation occurs all across the country for schools of all shapes and sizes. However, there are few counties with leading students of such tremendous integrity and who are as success-bound as those of the Temecula Valley School District, specifically at Temescal Canyon High School in Lake Elsinore. A lot of those […]

Murrieta Valley graduates 977 in class of 2005

With the weather warming and the flowers blooming, seniors at Murrieta Valley High School have been gearing up for the exciting end of their high school careers. May 14 marked the memorable night of their senior prom, which took place at Amada Plaza in Buena Park. Since then, there have been several events and activities […]

Scholarships given at Vineyard Valley Women’s Club reception

The Vineyard Valley Women’s Club marked the end of another successful year by holding a luncheon reception at the Temecula Public Library on June 8. There the members celebrated the accomplishments of the club as well as that of four distinguished students. The Vineyard Valley Women’s Club is dedicated to helping the community in as […]

Detailed Hardwood Floors has quality nailed

Hardwood floors can add a new level of life and class to a home or business. However, it can be a difficult process to figure out which type of wood is best for the area, as well as what styles to use. Hardwood floors are, in fact, a specialty within themselves, and not one that […]

Temecula Town Center facelift approved

Benson & Bohl Architects was given the go-ahead for their plan for a major modification to a development plan at Wednesday night’s Temecula Planning Commission meeting, in order to construct building façade improvements, modify parking and include a comprehensive amendment to a sign program in association with Temecula Town Center shopping complex, located at the […]

The very weird Slow Poisoner to appear locally

In the days of big business and “American Idol,” it becomes increasingly hard to find unique music, something that does not fall into the usual pop category. Andrew Goldfarb has been working for 10 years to bring a new sound to the music scene. His music has been compared to that of a David Bowie […]

Silverado Trading Post packed with antique treasures

Walking across a gravel parking lot, you are suddenly transported to a different time when you walk across a quaint wooden footbridge and step onto the grounds of the Silverado Trading Post. You pass by an old farm wagon and beautiful rustic antique doors leaning against the trunk of a great oak tree. You walk […]

TV Planning Commissioner resigns; Boys & Girls Club debated

Mary Jane Olhasso emotionally revealed that she had recently submitted her letter of resignation as planning commissioner for the city of Temecula. “I’m not able to stay in this community because I can’t take care of my kids here. My husband has to work and I have to work,” she announced. Olhasso has long traveled […]

Bargains are in store at Dollar ‘n More

When people hear “Dollar Store,” they usually all think of two things: cramped and crowded. And usually, those are perfect words to describe a dollar store. Most are full of poor-quality items that are stuffed full on shelves and hooks. However, Oby Izu-Onyia knows this and is making a difference. She recently opened Dollar ’n […]

A Conversation with Captain Louis Fetherolf

There are several unique characteristics of Captain Louis Fetherolf of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. First of all, he acquired his Bachelor’s degree in chemistry and mathematics, as well as a Master’s and PhD in public administration. “I have a love for science and wanted to take the toughest curriculum I could.” He even considered […]

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