Rose Care FUNdamentals for October

The recent showers were a nice respite from the high temperatures and dry windy weather, but they are misleading, the moisture is only temporary and doesn’t sink very deeply. The outlook is for high temps to return and maybe even triple digits. Last month I gave illustrations and descriptions for mid-season pruning with a suggested […]

Let roses continue with summer dormancy

Once again I’m reminded of unusual weather. The first six months of 2015 were the hottest on record in California and the world! June brought exceptional heat to Spain, parts of Asia and South America. Cattle pastures in the highlands of Switzerland needed water air-dropped to create watering holes for the cattle there due to […]

Tips for rose care during summer’s intense heat

As unpredictable as the weather has been lately, one thing we can plan historically is periods of intense heat in coming months. We had some samplings in recent weeks. We experienced temps in 90s-100s in June. As summer brings drier, hotter temps, roses will struggle to maintain hydration. This year we have the added obstacle […]

How to deal with roses during the drought this summer

Not only are California gardeners faced with new pests, we are confronted with the most severe drought in decades, and with the drastic rationing that water districts must impose. We must vigilantly manage our water use if we hope to maintain our cherished roses—in fact, we may well be forced to go into survival mode. […]

There may be an extra bloom cycle for roses this year due to weather

Looking at past columns, I discovered that we haven’t had normal seasonal weather for a while now. This year gardens are two to six weeks earlier than average for this time of year. Because of the warmer-than-normal temperatures the ground has remained warm and encouraged plants to grow and mature faster. Most roses are at […]

It’s best to use organic fertilizer rather than chemical ones for roses

All rosarians who were fortunate enough to get their roses pruned by mid-February, are probably enjoying (or about to enjoy) your first real flush of blooms for 2015. Continue fertilizing—hopefully ready for the third application—organic I trust. As I always say, organics are much better for your soil and ultimately for your garden and the […]

Warm days and cool nights have stimulated roses to grow faster this year

Recent temperatures have been quite erratic with periods of warm to very warm days and very cool nights which will influence how quickly new rose foliage grows. The warm daytime temperatures warm the soil which will stimulate greater root growth and thus new foliage. To the rose it seems more like spring at times so […]

Mid to late February is ideal time for rose pruning in Temecula Valley

There is no magical specific date to prune. According to all accounts and professional rosarians, the proper time is “late winter.” This has many meanings—bottom line, you want to prune late enough that there’s little risk of frost damage to the tender growth that will emerge from pruning. In the Temecula Valley, last average frost date is March 31, so that means you’re probably safe pruning in mid to late February. Of course, it’s always a gamble. In 2014, the last frost recorded here was April 13.