It’s best to use organic fertilizer rather than chemical ones for roses

All rosarians who were fortunate enough to get their roses pruned by mid-February, are probably enjoying (or about to enjoy) your first real flush of blooms for 2015. Continue fertilizing—hopefully ready for the third application—organic I trust. As I always say, organics are much better for your soil and ultimately for your garden and the […]

Mid to late February is ideal time for rose pruning in Temecula Valley

There is no magical specific date to prune. According to all accounts and professional rosarians, the proper time is “late winter.” This has many meanings—bottom line, you want to prune late enough that there’s little risk of frost damage to the tender growth that will emerge from pruning. In the Temecula Valley, last average frost date is March 31, so that means you’re probably safe pruning in mid to late February. Of course, it’s always a gamble. In 2014, the last frost recorded here was April 13.

Rose Care FUNdamentals

Rose Care FUNdamentals

Temperatures in the Temecula Valley have moderated and recent humid mornings are making roses happy. Even so, some problems could result, such as powdery mildew and black spot. Your roses may benefit from a good rinsing to remove dust; be sure to keep moisture off the blossoms to prevent the fungal disease Botrytis. You won’t […]

Rose Care FUNdamentals for August 2014

Recent severe weather all over the world and especially in the Western U.S. indicates the unpredictability to be expected in the future. Globally June 2014 was the warmest June on record. Locally it seemed insignificant while daily temperatures fluctuated from above and below ‘normal.’ The last days of July 2014 continue to bring us more […]