March rose care FUN-damentals

If rose pruning was completed in January\February, there is likely new growth on the bushes. When new growth is about two inches long, it’s a good time to apply the first fertilizer. The day before feeding, be sure to give the plants a good watering. To foster good root growth before the onset of the […]

Rose care FUNdamentals for February

Location, location, location! Every winter many people ask me when they should do their first rose pruning of the year. Here in the Temecula Valley, the answer depends on the microclimate in which you live. You can do your first major pruning anytime between Jan. 1 and mid-February, but do it late enough to avoid […]

Rose care FUN-damentals

A new year means new beginnings and so it is in the rose garden. This is the month to do the first major pruning of the season. It’s well worth the effort. It gives your roses a great start for the entire rest of the year because it stimulates the production of husky new canes […]

December rose care

Well, here we are, the end of the year 2007. With Thanksgiving barely passed and Christmas looming before us, we are thinking of holidays past and planning for holidays to come – who to buy what for, where to go, shop, travel, visit and decorate, prepare, cook, so many sugar plums racing through my mind. Stop. […]

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