The Legislature is back in session

The Legislature is now returning to work after its summer break, with one month left before final adjournment Sept. 15. Hundreds of bills remain undecided, including seven of mine pending in the Senate. Many important issues have been decided, including passage of a state budget. Unfortunately, huge gas tax increases and attempts to alter the longstanding […]

The Legislature should join the 21st century

  Processes in the state Capitol are way out of date. During the seven to eight months I spend in Sacramento annually, I use much of my time working and voting on legislation and meeting with advocacy groups and constituents to discuss legislation. Even so, keeping up with constituent and district concerns isn’t easy when you’re […]

The positions political women hold in today’s California are still scant, but growing

Only 26 of the California Legislature’s 120 members are women – nine Senators and 17 Assemblymembers. Women serve at all levels of leadership, including my position as Minority Floor Leader and Senator Patricia Bates, the current Senate Minority Leader.  Surprisingly, no woman was elected to the state Senate until 1976, and none were elected to the […]

San Diego’s life sciences seek news treatments and innovations

San Diego County ranks fourth in the nation as a center for the life science industry after Boston, North Carolina’s Raleigh-Durham region and the San Francisco Bay Area. As a member of the Assembly Health Committee, I advocate for affordable and accessible life science innovations for patients’ quality of life. The importance of the industry […]

Hold on to your wallet

As your Assemblywoman, I oppose tax increases, which is why I voted against extending cap-and-trade, a huge regressive tax on the working men and women of this state. Though cap-and-trade fees generate billions for California’s general fund, there is little evidence of any positive environmental impact. Under the program, caps are placed on greenhouse gas […]

Luring people back to fishing is time well spent

As you know, I am an outdoors enthusiast, and that enthusiasm includes fishing. Anything we can do to get people out of doors, especially our kids, will lure people away from electronic distractions and expose more people to the outdoors. This session I am a very proud co-author of Senate Bill 187, introduced by Sen. […]

Neighborhood Healthcare

Last week at the Legislature’s “Non Profit Day” I was happy to recognize Neighborhood Healthcare of Escondido as my nonprofit of the year. Joining me at the Sacramento Convention Center ceremony were Tracy Ream, Neighborhood Healthcare’s Chief Executive Officer, Elmer Cameron, board member, and Terri Vise Director of Strategy and Compliance. Committed to providing quality health […]

California’s Native Wildlife

This month, I was excited to join 200 caring people from around the state to advocate for native wildlife at the Capitol for the Humane Society’s annual lobby day. At the news conference in front of the Capitol, I spoke about my bill, Assembly Bill 1031 that creates a voluntary donation “check off” on state tax returns […]

The people’s right to recall

The two-thirds super-majority held by Democrats in Sacramento has allowed them to pass the largest gasoline tax increase in state history. This huge tax and fee increase has proven to be extremely unpopular. Recent polls suggest that 58 percent of registered voters disapprove. In fact, 72 percent of the Inland Empire, which is part of […]

Health care is costly, never free

The projected cost of a new government-run health care plan proposed in Sacramento is $400 billion. That amount is twice the state’s budget. Costing around $22,000 for every employed person in California, that’s a massive new tax to pay for “free” health care for all. Senate Bill 562, by Senator Ricardo Lara, D – Bell […]