Safeguarding our elections will protect voter registration data

The first bill I introduced this session deals with voter security. On Dec. 5, during the Legislature’s organizational session, I introduced Assembly bill 4 or AB 4, the Voter Integrity Protection Act. The act will verify and protect voter registration data to ensure that changes made online to voter information have actually been made by […]

The new session is beginning

The new legislative session begins Dec. 5, when 80 newly elected and returning Assembly-members are sworn in at the State Capitol. During this ceremonial event, the Secretary of State presents a “Certificate of Election,” stating that all members have been duly elected, and members rise to take the oath, in which we swear to “support and […]

Reflecting on our many blessings

In this season of Thanksgiving, we Americans have a great deal to be thankful for.  God’s blessings and gifts are all around us, even when we may not notice them. Our nation is founded on the rule of law, with checks and balances that guarantee our God-given freedoms are protected. Our peaceful elections and lawful […]

The results are in!

Thanks to my wonderful district, I am honored to have been re-elected to continue to serve as your voice in Sacramento. While the Nov. 8 general election will be bringing a new direction and lots of new faces to Washington, DC, to governors’ mansions and to legislatures across the nation, in many ways California is […]

Preventing drug addiction and abuse

We can all agree about the importance of keeping kids away from illegal drugs.  During October, I again participated in Red Ribbon Week, a campaign that seeks to mobilize communities and to educate millions of children nationwide about the dangers posed by illicit drug use.  Since the Red Ribbon campaign began in the late 1980s, […]

Support for working families

Working families in California face a daily struggle to make ends meet and provide their children with a home, education, food and recreational opportunities.  I have championed a long list of bills to assist working families, including legislation to eliminate the sales tax for the purchase of water efficient home appliances by low income people, […]

Fighting for California’s schools

As the mother of a high school student, education has always been one of my top concerns. Last session, I supported a number of bills that will reform California’s education system through increased local control, improved transparency, expanded educational opportunities and accelerated learning for all California students. This legislation included a bill to increase exposure […]

Helping senior citizens

This session I authored a bill to establish a San Diego pilot program funded through the Victim’s Crime Fund to provide assistance to elder and dependent victims of financial crimes. My bill was supported by the California Commission on Aging and the California Elder Justice Coalition. It can be scary and lonely to try to […]

Making health care accessible

Though we have some of the best medical care in the world, accessing that care can be problematic for millions of Californians. As a member of the Assembly Health Committee, creating access to quality affordable health care is one of my biggest concerns. The rising cost of care, out-of-date drug formularies, new treatments that initially […]

Arts districts are enriching lives, creating jobs

Arts and cultural districts have spurred new businesses, attracted more tourism and established vibrant, creative cultural economies across the nation.  Now California will have the opportunity to celebrate our communities and the arts by clustering existing arts and cultural amenities in officially designated cultural districts. As a result of Assembly Bill 189 (AB189), new legislation […]