Arts districts are enriching lives, creating jobs

Arts and cultural districts have spurred new businesses, attracted more tourism and established vibrant, creative cultural economies across the nation.  Now California will have the opportunity to celebrate our communities and the arts by clustering existing arts and cultural amenities in officially designated cultural districts. As a result of Assembly Bill 189 (AB189), new legislation […]

A roadmap of priority

Tired of sitting in backlogged traffic on the I-15 or just trying to get your kids to school and then to work?  California’s population has almost doubled since the 1970s, but our highway system has not kept pace and must be upgraded to keep our people moving and our economy humming. That is why our […]

Consumer Protections in Healthcare

We are all deeply concerned about the welfare of our families. As a wife and mother, these concerns naturally influence my legislation, as well as the bills I support. As a result, this session I was proud to lend my support to an important package of health care bills that will benefit millions of Californians. […]

Women in California Legislature

  When I was elected to the Assembly in 2012, I was the 136th woman to ever have served in California’s Legislature. Women first received the right to vote in California in 1911, and in 1918, Esto Broughton, Grace Dorris, Elizabeth Hughes and Anna Saylor became the first women elected to the State Assembly. Since […]

Saluting The Elizabeth Hospice for loving and compassionate care

Saluting The Elizabeth Hospice for loving and compassionate care

This month I would like to salute The Elizabeth Hospice, an outstanding organization dedicated to providing compassionate care for patients and their families in this region for 38 years. We usually don’t like to talk, or even think, about end-of-life issues. But when the time comes, the caring people at The Elizabeth Hospice, with offices […]

Improving patient access to medical care

Many people have allergies in one form or another. When we need medical help for our allergies we need it immediately, not after months of unnecessary delay because of antiquated regulations. That’s why I introduced Assembly Bill 1739, which passed the Assembly with a unanimous vote this week. AB 1739 speeds access to allergy care […]

Helping our Seniors

According to the US Census Bureau, by 2030, one in five Americans is projected to be 65 and over. Since seniors make up such a large segment of District 75, my office is continuously involved in reaching out to the senior community to provide valuable information and hands-on assistance. We share valuable resources on Senior Safety tips and […]

Healthcare: Sacramento concerns; local impacts

As a member of the Assembly Committee on Health, I understand that decisions made in that committee have a deep impact on the lives of the people I serve at home. The cost of care, health insurance issues, formularies, access to new treatments and astounding innovations and even cures are major debates in our committee each […]

San Diego’s agriculture: food for the world

This region is a major contributor to California’s longstanding status as the nation’s leading agricultural state. Locally grown crops including citrus, avocados, strawberries, olives, grapes and cut flowers have put San Diego in the top tier of the nation’s agricultural counties. California’s 76,400 farms produce over one-third of the country’s vegetables and two-thirds of its […]

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