Learning the arts is academic

School districts in North County San Diego recently hit a high note when they were recognized by the California Alliance for Arts Education for enhancing student scholastic experience through robust arts education programs. The results were music to the ears of San Marcos, San Pasqual and Vista Unified School Districts when students recently performed at […]

Protecting our kids’ privacy

As the mother of a high school student, I joined parents throughout California in objecting to a recent court ruling jeopardizing the privacy of over 10 million California students. In February, ruling in the case of Morgan Hill Concerned Parents Association vs. California Department of Education, United States District Judge Kimberly J. Mueller ruled that […]

Should we end daylight saving time?

Falling back and springing forward has become a bi-annual tradition for most Americans. We often do this without much thought; it’s become a ritual that marks the changing seasons. In fact, many look forward to the additional sunshine daylight time seems to generate at the end of the day during the spring and summer months. […]

Local businesses support our troops

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, both locally and at the national level. The jobs and opportunities they create are absolutely essential to our nation’s overall prosperity. But more than that, by giving back to the people who have supported their success, small businesses often reflect the very best that’s in us by […]

The next few months are going to be busy

Enacting new laws and passing a balanced budget are the primary responsibilities of the Legislature. While the budget won’t be finalized until mid-June, the final day to introduce new bills for consideration this year was Feb. 19. As a result, the annual bill deluge in Sacramento is well underway. As of the 19th, 1,326 Assembly […]

We should stop wasting water

As most of you know, water remains one of the most pressing issues facing our state and region. Whether or not our drought is ending cannot yet be determined, though future droughts are a certainty. I have long supported initiatives that would increase local water supplies. While a member of the Escondido City Council, I […]

Supporting our veterans

Though many government programs impacting our country’s veterans originate at the federal level, whenever possible I will continue to support state initiatives to improve the lives of California’s large, growing veteran’s population. With well over 200,000 veterans calling this region home, it is also important to encourage and support nongovernmental organizations and local businesses when […]

Innovations in health care in California

Innovations in health care in California

Ensuring the availability of high quality health care, especially for those suffering from chronic diseases, is one of my top priorities in Sacramento. Consequently, I was deeply honored to receive the 2015 Life Sciences Champion Award from the California Life Sciences Association and another recent award naming me the California Chronic Care Coalition’s Legislator of the […]

Human trafficking: A San Diego County scourge

I am pleased to co-author Senate Concurrent Resolution 88 (SCR 88) which proclaims January 2016 as Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Human trafficking, a form of modern day slavery, has become increasingly prevalent, placing the United States in the top three world trafficking destinations. Unfortunately, San Diego’s involvement in this repugnant crime wave is significant. A […]