Could you turn your hobby into a career?

You can break personal finance into three broad categories: income, expenses and savings. Your personal cash flow statement lists your income and expenses, and a common goal is to end each month with a positive balance – with money left over to put into savings. We often tend to focus on how to make the […]

Safely cut the cost of elective medical expenses

Whether it’s a matter of comfort, appearance or safety, there are many medical procedures that you may want or need, but your health insurance won’t cover. Laser eye surgery may fall into the want category for most people, and it can be a hefty investment with treatment for each eye costing several thousand dollars. For […]

Food waste is money down the drain

Food waste is money down the drain

How many times have you gone to pour milk in your coffee, only to see that the date on the carton was yesterday? Some people will instinctively throw it away, but chances are that’s not what the label is intended to convey. It’s likely a marker for when the food might taste its best, not […]

Make sure your property’s assessed value is correct

Some homeowners can’t wait to see the assessed value of their home drop. In fact, they’ll tell you the bigger the drop, the better. Why? Your property taxes depend on your tax rate, and your property’s current market value is determined by a local assessor. You can’t dispute the tax rate, but you may be […]

Practical financial planning for parents-to-be

Planning for a baby is exciting and sometimes a little frightening for expectant parents, especially first-time parents. The months will fly by, and soon you’ll be at home embarking on an adventure along with the newest member of your family. Welcome to the excitement, exhaustion, fascination, bewilderment and love that is parenthood. Along with the […]

What does retirement look like if you haven’t saved?

The picture of retirement that many people have is a post-work period filled with travel and plenty of relaxation. It’s a time when they can finally take up a new hobby, sink into the pile of books and enjoy more time with family and friends. The reality is that many haven’t been able to save […]

Flipping houses – it’s not like on television

Flipping a house can seem like a walk in the park when it’s wrapped into a few montages during a half-hour television segment. Just find a rundown property, buy it, take out a few walls, paint, replace carpets, upgrade the kitchen and voila – you could make tens of thousands of dollars in just a […]