Quieting the rage in your life

“Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.” Philippians 4:5 I read a statistic once that said it takes a person, on average, 11 seconds to become physically agitated while waiting for the elevator. That’s not very long considering it probably takes five seconds just to push the elevator button and look […]

10 to 1

It’s taken us ten weeks to cover the Ten Commandments. In that time I wonder what you have learned. Did you suddenly learn that murder was wrong, that children obeying their parents is good, using God’s name in vain is bad, church is important, you shouldn’t have idols and you should only serve the Lord? […]

Thief in the night

I was first caught stealing when I was about 6 or 7. Not that I am a klepto or anything, but I remember it quite clearly. My dad and I were at the store looking for some fishing gear. I desperately wanted some fishing weights, so I just thought I would take them. Putting them […]

It’s so dangerous

I am sure we have all heard the sixth commandment “You must not murder.” (Exodus 20:13) You don’t have to be an avid Bible reader to know that God doesn’t want us murdering each other. But as we all know violent crime is a real problem. Did you know that there were almost 17,000 murders, […]

“A Long, Full Life”

We get to pick out a lot of things in our life: what we should wear, what to eat for lunch, our spouse, our friends, the color of our car… Making decisions is something we get the privilege of doing. But one thing stands true for every single person on the planet. No one had […]

Not just another day!

When I was really young and my parents were new Christians we used to go to church all the time. I remember vividly because my mom would comb my hair and I hated that. Sundays were a major part of my life growing up until something happened in my parents that caused them to stop […]

God with the little ‘g’

The Ten Commandments have been the source of much debate throughout the past. What were once revered as sacred and untouchable commands from God himself have sadly become more like suggestions and an opportunity to fulfill political agenda. But with politics and our own individual morals and standards aside the spoken word of God still […]

“A Great Example”

Once in a while a person comes along who you wish you could be like. It’s someone who exemplifies so much of who you want to be in life and how you want to be remembered. You know who I mean; it’s the person who has so much character you wonder if they are real. […]

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