Better health through organic produce is the goal of Morning Song Farm

Health experts are more vocal than ever in advising patients to consume fresh, whole foods and lessen their consumption of those treated with chemicals and preservatives. Donna Buono, who founded Morning Song Farm 12 years ago, is in line with that philosophy and provides locally grown, organic, seasonal, fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits weekly for those keeping an eye on their health.

“This is my passion,” said


In a time when appearance seems to be everything to some, it can be a downfall to consumers looking to purchase fresh vegetables and fruits.

“Americans have fallen into the practice of looking for beauty over safety and to get absolute perfection (in crops), you have to spray the heck out of them with fungicide, and then consumers pay the price from the poison,” explained Buono. She also said food that is grown with genetically modified organisms (GMO) is particularly dangerous.

“In that process, they use a virus (tumor growth) to transmit DNA from one species to another,” she said. “I think it has been an experiment that has failed; commercial growing should not be dangerous to consumers.”

At Morning Song Farm, Buono does not use any pesticides on her 20-acre operation.

With weight loss being a leading health topic, Buono said she and other enthusiasts have found that eating organic “naturally helps with weight loss.”

“Being consistent about eating healthy food makes it easier to stay on track with a diet and it’s more natural to eat locally sourced, seasonal food.”

On the Rainbow farm, there are about 500 fruit trees alone, which include avocados, lemons, limes, tangelos, blood oranges, kumquats, apples, and more.

A sampling of the produce that is in season currently on Morning Song Farm includes baby spinach, spring mix lettuces, kale, swiss chard, carrots, beets, and potatoes.

“The baby spinach is just awesome right now; it is so naturally sweet; the spring mix is gorgeous; and the potatoes are in full glory,” said Buono.

With sweeter, organic produce, Buono said parents have an easier time getting their children to eat vegetables.

“The kids like the organic produce better because it isn’t as bitter,” she said.

Buono is well read and knows of what she speaks when it comes to organic foods. She has created a blog (morningsongfarm.blogspot) and encourages her customers to share recipes and preparation methods.

“We are really a community of people wanting to share ideas,” she said.

One of Buono’s personal favorites, she said, is dragon fruit.

“I have literally hundreds of plants and just love fresh, sliced dragon fruit on top of a chilled salad,” she explained. Another favorite is kumquats, which she sells by the ton commercially.

“I love to cook down kumquats, make a reduction, and use it to flavor margaritas – it makes the most incredible margaritas,” explained Buono, who said she considers the kumquat reduction one of her “signatures.”

“The reduction is excellent on crepes, used as a topping for fish or chicken, or added to lemonade for additional flavor,” she said.

After taking her produce to farmer’s markets for many years, Buono finds customers like the ease in which they can enroll in her program for a box of fresh, seasonal produce to be delivered each week.

In viewing it as a choice that can mean better health, Buono said it always come down to one thing.

“You pay now or you pay later; if you don’t take care of your health, you pay later,” she said.

Morning Song Farms offers the choice of either a small or large box, full of fresh-picked vegetables, herbs, and fruits, depending on the customer’s need.

To learn more, call toll-free (888) 816-3335 or visit

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