Craveyon CloudWines transforms wine clubs

Craveyon CloudWines on display at a recent Crave event. Courtesy photo
Craveyon CloudWines on display at a recent Crave event. Courtesy photo

Wine clubs are the perfect way to sample a winery’s expansive variety of wines, and at a traditional winery, a club member can become acquainted with every vintage available. However, Craveyon CloudWines has changed that completely by offering wines from all the great wine regions on the Pacific coast.

Craveyon CloudWines is a wine company that offers customers a subscription service that is easily manageable nearly anywhere. The idea came to Randall and Cindy Farrar, who lived in the heart of wine country and were familiar with the traditional winery and wine club. Between the two, they found that by offering a different style of wine subscription service – one that could allow customers to purchase wine through an easy to use, approachable cloud platform – was what many needed to find the perfect wine.

According to Lori Cuevas, the director of Ubiquitous Sales and Events for Craveyon, the company runs nearly all offerings online. “We’re in the clouds,” she laughed.

Members are able to choose their favorite wines through a Blind Ballot Bar, and select whichever wines they would like to receive from Crayeon’s subscription service.

“Wineries send us samples and our members give us their opinion,” said Cuevas. “We send our wine off for testing to make sure that it’s at the right levels for proper, clean wine. If they select it, we purchase the bottle and label it. “We wanted to create a wine club we wanted to join.

“We wanted it to be customizable and not locked in. We didn’t choose local wines because folks here can go to our amazing wine country now and still make it home for dinner. They can’t go to Napa, or Walla Walla. We pick from vineyards where grapes grow best in their particular regions.”

While European wineries have sent samples for the Blind Ballot Bar tastings, it’s truly about what the guests want.

Craveyon members get high quality wines at a significantly reduced cost as well.

“Our Craveyon CloudWines retails at $27 a bottle, but it can cost anywhere from $50 to $60 from the winery,” said Cuevas. “The way we negotiate with the wineries keeps our cost down. In addition, when a guest becomes a member, we don’t charge shipping. As part of our disclosure contract with the wineries we only show the region where our wine is from on the back of the bottle. Right now, our port comes from Napa, our merlot comes from Santa Barbara, and our chardonnay comes from the Russian River area.”

An added benefit of the membership is its customization of wine receipt. The average member can receive two bottles of wine a month, but that does not mean that is the only option available.

“Some get two bottles of wine every week, or a case a month, while some get their wine every two months,” said Cuevas.

While there is no set winery that guests can visit that does not mean there aren’t fun events and activities that club members can enjoy. The Craveyon events are meant to allow guests to sample various wines, while also get to know a fun restaurant in the Southern California area.

“An average event is open to the public,” said Cuevas. “When any guest comes in, they get four complimentary tastings, while our members get eight. You can go to as many events as you want, as well. That makes a difference.”

Every event is a little different. For example, Craveyon events include a wine tasting event at Devilicious Eatery Feb. 2, and a Mardi Gras party on Luke’s On Front in Temecula Feb. 27. Other events are held in Long Beach, San Diego and Palm Springs as well.

“If a guest chooses to become a member, they’ll get an additional four tastings,” said Cuevas.

The Craveyon CloudWines are a great way for new wine drinkers to expand their palate.

“We have members from their 20s to 80s,” said Cuevas. “Everyone loves our wine. Our Syrah won double gold in an international wine competition. Our members are choosing winning wines. When you pull up our website, it shows that we reach out to all types. It’s amazing for new wine drinkers because of how customizable our wine is. They can start by drinking our black Muscat, which is a sweet wine, and then realize they like a merlot and add it to their shipment. Our palate is forever changing.”

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