Detailed Hardwood Floors has quality nailed

Hardwood floors can add a new level of life and class to a home or business. However, it can be a difficult process to figure out which type of wood is best for the area, as well as what styles to use. Hardwood floors are, in fact, a specialty within themselves, and not one that just anyone can master. Kevin White is an expert in this field and in knowing how difficult it can be to get what a customer really wants.

White explains that oftentimes people go to stores that deal with all type of flooring, like wood as well as carpet. This is not the best way to go, as it is likely customers end up talking to a salesperson without a lot of experience and with limited materials. He knows this from firsthand experience doing installations for carpet houses. “We had a lot of logistical problems,” he said. After working for a few years doing installations White decided to transfer his company into a showroom, cutting out the middle man and solving many of the problems he was having before by specializing solely in hardwood.

Detailed Hardwood Floors does everything and anything that has to do with hardwood, including custom work, removal and repairs. Right now, popular trends tend to be in distressed hardwood, as well as solid wood staircases. “We are specialists,” White said proudly. “As the owner I go to a lot of training and travel to other states for weeklong seminars.” White makes sure that he and his staff are constantly up to date on information and services in hardwood. In addition, White is a member of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) and a certified hardwood inspector. This means that when people have a failing in their floor, he is recommended to inspect it and find what caused the problem and if it was an installation-related issue. Being certified to discover such problems helps perfect his ability to install hardwood floors without creating them.

Detailed Hardwood Floors serves all of San Diego County, as well as Riverside County and occasionally Orange County. It is a competitive business that is growing every day. Yet, there are certain aspects about this business that help it stand out against others. For one, Detailed Hardwood Floors has the best pricing around and guarantees customers that upon walking in the showroom they will be dealing with either White or his partner, Randy Price. “They’re not going to be talking with a salesperson without a lot of knowledge,” insists White. “It has a small shop feel. Plus, our installers are in-house and work directly for us. We use the same guys every week so we can keep the quality up.” White’s showroom offers a huge selection of hardwood and plan on expanding that amount even more.

Detailed Hardwood Floors is currently working on expanding its showroom and moving to a new location on Winchester Road in Temecula. White hopes to be in this new location by the end of July. There are also hopes to one day open a second location in the San Diego area.

Detailed Hardwood Floors is located at 27464 Commerce Center Drive, unit B, in Temecula. You can reach them by calling (951) 695-2455 or looking for them on the Internet at

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