Golf pro, instructor Barry Krumwiede a valuable local resource

Barry Krumwiede has had a lifelong passion for golf. As a player, instructor, and successful equipment repairman over his lifetime, he continues to share his valuable experience and knowledge with people of all ages and abilities. Krumwiede is a dedicated advocate for disabled veterans and has a particular interest in sharing his talents with them. The non-profit golf school he has developed also donates money to organizations such as the local food pantry.

Soon after Krumwiede first started caddying for golf legend Sam Snead, he won his first tournament. Now he teaches the Sam Snead swing method which is combined with Krumwiede’s own method, as opposed to the regular swing that many golf instructors use. Krumwiede went on to a successful beginning in amateur golf tournaments until he was involved in a car accident. Due to complications from the injury, he had trouble continuing his path toward playing professionally.

He then began his career teaching golf, and over 40 years later, is still teaching the successful skills that he has passed on to so many students. Having come so close to playing professionally, which would have consisted of a lot of travel, he saw that the path of teaching enabled him to be with his family everyday.

“I feel that being able to teach golf has been one of the best things to happen to me,” said Krumwiede. One of his sons, Robert Krumwiede, also shares his passion and plays professional golf in the Chicago area. Krumwiede explained that, “a ball can sometimes get in the way of a good swing,” emphasizing that concentration is a crucial part of a successful hit for accuracy. He also noted that a full swing means finishing what you started.

Krumwiede has explained the mechanics of a club to students, describing the ferrule ring, which is a part that covers the gap of the hosel. This is the socket that the shaft fits into on the head of the club. He noted that although the ferrule ring is commonly added on to the custom-made clubs of professional golfers it is basically an aesthetical addition.

While specializing in repairs for Wilson Sporting Goods in River Grove, Ill., Krumwiede learned a lot about the mechanics of golf clubs and also gained knowledge from speaking with famed golfers such as Arnold Palmer, Patty Berg, and even Bob Hope.

Krumwiede customizes equipment for each individual, as height, shoe size and glove size are all factors in determining the proper gear for each individual playing the sport. Charging only what it costs him to adapt a club, his customers are very appreciative of the time that he takes to consider individual variances.

When one visits Krumwiede’s Circle K Golf Ranch, which is located in Rainbow, they will find the original tee-box still operational as well as new features such as a putting green, more tee-boxes, and a fifty-yard driving range. The covered tee-box is especially popular to professional golfers who come out on rainy days to the ranch. Krumwiede and his assistant, William Frenchaboy, work with anyone who wants to learn the sport of golf. Sometimes there are groups that come out to the ranch.

In honor of Mother’s Day this year, Krumwiede held free lessons the Sunday following the holiday. The same will apply for Memorial Day and Father’s Day. This offer will be honored until the end of June. Summer classes are popular because school is not in session. Krumwiede has recommended that lessons be purchased in series of 10, because golf, like many other sports, takes time to develop skills.

“I enjoy getting golfers out here, and especially giving disabled golfers an opportunity at a sport which has been a great passion in my life,” Krumwiede said, referring to his goal for his school. With a caring and patient approach, Krumwiede can’t help adding his own special sense of humor to lessons. “I often say to a new student, ‘if one thing is for sure, I will make you laugh.’”

For more information, call Barry Krumwiede and the Circle K Golf Ranch at (760) 728-3005.

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