Local attorney recommends people review living trusts

Attorney James C. Alvord, left, advises a client. Courtesy photo
Attorney James C. Alvord, left, advises a client. Courtesy photo

FALLBROOK – Local attorney James C. Alvord, who has written hundreds of wills and trusts for residents in Fallbrook, Temecula and throughout the North County, advises people to review their living trust.

“Times change, laws change and your estate is changing all the time,” Alvord said. “Fortunately, your will and trust documents can be changed as well.”

Most people have a living trust, whether drafted by Alvord’s office or somewhere else. Some have even tried to write the documents themselves or used an online program. All trusts, regardless of their origin, need to be reviewed from time to time because “times change,” Alvord said.

Lives change from one day to the next. Sometimes they change for happy reasons like a new grandchild or a move into a new home, and sometimes they change for upsetting reasons like the loss of a loved one or a radical change in the makeup of a family.

Sometimes, people just want to change how their estate will be divided up after they’re gone. Fortunately, most living trusts are specifically written to accommodate these changes, making it easy to update documents to reflect changes in a person’s life and the lives of their family members.

With all of this in mind, Alvord said it just makes sense for a person to review their living trust every five years or so, and it makes even more sense to have a licensed California lawyer who practices exclusively in the field of estate planning to do the review.

Alvord is now offering people a free consultation to discuss the changes in both their life and the law to determine if a review would be in order. People who don’t have a living trust are invited to schedule a free consultation to decide if they need one.

It is important for people who own property in California to have a trust, Alvord said. The documents included in the trust package are designed to keep a person’s loved ones out of court and far away from the dreaded probate process. It will also ensure that a person will have someone to make health care decisions for them if they are unable to do so. Lastly, a living trust helps a person organize their assets and arrange for an orderly distribution of the estate upon their death.

For more information, call Alvord at (760) 728-1960.

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