Menifee family provides healthy menu and treats for travelers and Anza locals

Between the two destinations, the coastal cities to the desert, as you travel east on Highway 371, you will see a sign titled “Dairy Queen 6 min. ahead.” Further up the highway you will come upon a picturesque Valley nestled between mountains–the Valley of Anza. In town, the familiar red and white greets you; you have arrived at Dairy Queen.

Menifee resident Neal Brophy talks about his journey leading him and his wife to purchase the Dairy Queen in Anza this last September.

“I was at a point in my life when I wanted to do something on my own, I always said when I retired I was going to have an ice cream shop at the beach. I started looking at businesses to get into, and after careful research, I kept coming back to idea of Dairy Queen. I was traveling a lot, and I turned 55 last year and decided I wanted to retire. Anza’s Dairy Queen was for sale, it seemed like a good fit; it was up and running with a well-trained crew. We live in Menifee, so we would not have to move which made my wife happy,”said Neal Brophy.

Neal Brody and his wife Mimi have a long history with food. Neal worked for a corporation for 32 years, the Amway Corporation. He was in research, development, and manufacturing back in Michigan. He transferred out here to California in 1987 to work in their Nutrilite Division in Hemet (Nutrilite manufactures natural food supplements). He was in charge of the big plant which can be seen off the Ramona Expressway traveling towards Perris. The plant has recently been sold and Nutrilite is moving back to Michigan.

The basic idea of Nutrilite and its vitamins for over 75 years was to grow their own ingredients; natural ingredients on organic farms. Ultimately, Neal was not only responsible for the Hemet location but also farms and manufacturing locations in Washington, Brazil, and Mexico. Mimi Brophy currently works as a part-time dietitian for Fallbrook Hospital and also at the new Loma Linda hospital in Murrieta. The kids are all grown up and Mimi has decided to return to work full time as head dietitian at Hemet Hospital.

Neal and Mimi have raised four accomplished children. Patrick, a UCLA grad, has a degree in computer engineering and decided he wanted to be a teacher. He is currently teaching in Lancaster. Kevin was a pitcher for the UCLA baseball team and he graduated with a degree in chemical engineering and is currently working for San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. Their third son, Brad, is a recent grad from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and graduated with a degree in civil engineering. Their daughter Aubrey is studying nutrition at San Diego State University. Aubrey also went through all the necessary training to become a certified Dairy Queen Manager with her dad Neal. She has already helped out a couple of times here at Anza’s Dairy Queen and will probably be here more throughout the summer.

Being community minded, Neal is excited to get to know the people of Anza; its organizations, schools, and local businesses. He wants to work with local community organizations and schools to see how he and Dairy Queen can help facilitate special community needs. He was happy this last December to help out with Food for the Faithful Toys for Tot’s Christmas Party. Whether it be for fundraisers or a place for sign-ups, Neil Brody wants Dairy Queen to be an active part of the solution. He is working on a plan to hold regular Community Days as an avenue to accomplish these goals and welcomes community organizations to contact him.

“It’s our memorable products that make Dairy Queen special. We have quality treats. We are working on getting everybody to turn their Blizzard upside down when handing them to the customer. Dairy Queen’s Blizzards are so thick you can turn them upside down and they will not pour out of the cup. We are always working on making an excellent tasty product and on improving the quality, in terms of freshness and taste. Dairy Queen is offering a new turkey sandwich and we have grilled chicken and fresh salads. We also have introduced mini Blizzards so anyone can indulge without overindulging. Because everybody deserves a treat once in a while,” said Neal.

Neal is also keeping some of the former traditions at Dairy Queen, like $.99 Sundays on Sunday, a local secret. They are also keeping the tradition of handing out free coffee to anyone who drives up on a motorcycle. They are implementing something new using Facebook. If you are a local or just traveling through, when you visit Anza’s Dairy Queen, go on your smart phone to check-in on Facebook, then go to “Dairy Queen in Anza” and a special will pop up, when you show the cashier your phone screen, you will receive that special. Also in the works are daily specials during the week slanted towards the locals.

On Wednesday, Jan. 25, Dairy Queen will be holding a Customer Appreciation Day; it is their hope to set a festive atmosphere. There will be balloons, games, a wheel of fortune, prizes, and coupon giveaways, plus special food prices.

Also on Wednesday, between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m., Dairy Queen will be hosting sign-ups for High Country Recreation Baseball. Dairy Queen is very excited to sponsor a baseball team this year.

“Baseball holds a special place in my heart, my son Kevin pitched for the UCLA team,” said Neal Brody.

In these hard economic times, there are many children who would like to play baseball but lack the funds, if you are interested in sponsoring a child let them know.

New owner, Neal Brophy, wants to meet you, so come visit, have some fun, and enjoy a tasty treat.

Dairy Queen is located at 56265 Highway 371, Anza, Ca, 92539. Phone: (951)763-4164.

Customer Appreciation Day, baseball sign-ups Wednesday at Dairy Queen

New owner Neal Brophy wants you to know he appreciates you. In your honor, Dairy Queen will be holding a Customer Appreciation Day on Wednesday, Jan. 25. A festive atmosphere is planned with balloons, games such as wheel of fortune, prizes, and coupon giveaways, plus special food prices.

Also on Wednesday, between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m., Dairy Queen will be hosting sign-ups for High Country Recreation Baseball as a community service. So come join the fun because “everybody deserves a treat once in a while,” said Neal Brophy.

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