The Mortgage House keeps lending local

Home ownership has always been an “American Dream.” Owning a home is a sign of success; you become part of a community, placing down roots and offering stability to your family and future. A home however is more than a financial asset. It is a place where memories will be made of raising your children, or retiring.

Turning the “dream” into reality involves planning and knowledge in navigating through today’s home buying process. In order to make sure your goals of owning a home are achieved, The Mortgage House in Temecula will work with you on finding the right loan.

Karen Davis has run the Temecula branch of The Mortgage House since 1997 with her husband Scott.

Karen has been in the mortgage industry since 1977 working her way up from a receptionist to Vice President Regional Manager. Davis has been able to help people find the right home loan in all types of economic markets.

“The best part of what we do is we offer a personal touch. Whether it is face to face, by email, over the phone it does not matter,” Davis said. “We will work around the client’s hours and how they prefer to communicate.”

The benefit of working with a company like The Mortgage House is all the paperwork is done in-house, not sent out to another city or state for underwriting or reviews.

“We are a direct lender, giving us an aggressive advantage over our competitors,” Davis said.

The Mortgage House can work directly with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac including FHA loans.

“We also offer tremendous financing on jumbo loans,” Davis said.

Staying small and local has been a strong asset for The Mortgage House, allowing them to maintain integrity and speed in closing loans. They are able to close loans in 30 days or less and have immediate answers on questions that arise.

“We maintain hands on control of each and every file every step of the way,” Davis said.

When it comes to closing, Davis and her team maintain a hands-on approach with the client.

Shortly before closing time, homeowners may have last minute questions on the paperwork they are signing which can become cumbersome.

“I like to be there with my clients at closing to reduce some of the last minute stress and answer questions they have on the final numbers,” Davis said. “A new homeowner should have all their questions answered before they sign the final paperwork and have peace of mind.”

If you are considering buying a home let The Mortgage House help you navigate through the loan process from determining your goals, being pre-approved, to handing you the keys.

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