Tri-State Materials rocks the competition with friendly customer service, wide selection

Tri-State Materials, a landscape company located in Winchester, has been working hard to provide its customers with clear communication and a wide selection of stone products for close to a decade.

The company started small when it first opened with one location in the Winchester area, but since that time it has expanded and evolved, according to Store Manager Aaron Taylor.

In that ten year period of time, the company has increased their selection and opened up another location in the Coachella Valley as business increased and more customers were satisfied, Taylor said.

The store manager said the recipe for the company’s success is simple, and that it lies in their commitment to covering all the bases in ensuring customer satisfaction.

“The reason that we’re different than the other guys is that our selection is generally a little bit bigger, our prices are cheaper and we offer more ways to stabilize DG, which is a huge thing in the industry right now,” Taylor said.

DG, or decomposed granite, is a popular addition to many Southern California landscapes because of its natural look and its ability to reduce the heat island effect, which is what occurs when other materials like asphalt soak up the sun’s rays and warm everything around them.

But in spite of decomposed granite’s pleasant appearance and many positives as a landscape choice, it does have its drawbacks. It’s often prone to further decomposition, and can turn into silica or sand.

Companies like Tri-State are offering a solution to that problem by offering multiple means by which customers can fortify their DG, keeping it looking as nice as the day when they first purchased it.

“There are several different ways you can stabilize DG,” Taylor said. “You can add cement to it, you can add a natural binding agent, or there are different polymer sprays that you can use to make the DG firm and make it stand up to the rain.”

Taylor, who has worked at the natural stone landscaping company for the past eight years, said his favorite part of working there is making customers happy.

He’s proud of the selection of services and products Tri-State offers, he said, but nothing really compares to the satisfaction of knowing customers are pleased with their shopping experience as well as what they’ve purchased.

“We get a lot of praise for when homeowners come in and they don’t have a great idea of what they want to do with their yard,” he said. “And we just help them by kind of taking them by the hand and walking them through the whole process of what kind of materials we offer and what they can do with them.”

“Most people end up with something in their front yard or back yard that they are just super ecstatic with and they get it for cheaper than they thought it would


Jesse Hernandez, a customer service representative for the store, said he agrees that customer service is an important component of what the store does. He said the store’s small, family-owned atmosphere allows for a much more personal interaction with customers.

“I can pretty much go from start to finish on sale from coordinating the material, to working with the customer, to final sale, to following up and making sure everything went OK.”

For right now the company is enjoying its small successes in customer service, but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost site of a possible bigger picture, according to Taylor.

“There’s always talk of opening another store in the Orange County or San Diego area, so that’s something we might pursue in the future,” Taylor said. “And then the other change that we’re going to be making is going to be redeveloping our showroom and having a bigger showroom here in Winchester.”

Aaron Taylor

Winchester Yard Manager

[email protected]


31885 Winchester Rd

Winchester, CA 92596

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