Weight loss easier with help of T.L.C. doctor who customizes plan for each individual

Behavior modification is an essential element in weight control. To be successful in either losing or maintaining an ideal weight, key lifestyle changes can help achieve the goal.

At T.L.C. & Associates in Temecula, Dr. L. Fontaine has more than six years experience in specialized medicine that focuses on health, nutrition and the overall well-being of patients.

Dr. Fontaine has an extensive working knowledge of nutrition and discusses with his patients the importance of making a commitment to a doctor/patient partnership. Patients must agree to follow through with a plan that may include exercise two to three times a week.

“If a patient follows the doctor’s advice they will achieve their goals,” Dr. Fontaine said.

He strongly believes in living a balanced life that includes making good nutritional choices and regular exercise. You will never find the doctor on the golf course. “Golf is too slow I prefer exploring the outdoors by walking along trails, seeing nature, or playing ping pong with my two children,” said Dr. Fontaine.

Although the doctor has his favorite sports and activities he knows everyone has different tastes and physical limitations so he helps each patient develop a workout plan tailored to them. “I don’t believe patients should be spending a lot of money in gym equipment or club memberships,” he said.

The doctor suggests to his patients that they take advantage of the wonderful community they live in.

“[I tell my patients to] get outside, go for walks, visit a park, a beach, or walk along a trail and get in touch with their environment,” said Fontaine.

Patients are expected to decrease their carbohydrate intake which helps lessen fat deposits.

The doctor recommends his patients eat three meals a day with the evening meal being the lightest.

He includes prescription appetite suppressants in his program to assist his patients in attaining sensible eating habits.

By doing this, patients can add years of healthy living to their life,” said Dr. Fontaine.

For more information on a tailored healthy lifestyle and nutritional plan of weight management for yourself or your family, contact Dr. Fontaine at 951-296-1487.

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