Wienerschnitzel approved for development on San Jacinto Avenue

SAN JACINTO – The San Jacinto Planning Commission approved a proposal from Tamir Salim Monday, Sept. 18, to construct a 1,245-square-foot building on San Jacinto Avenue at Esplanade Avenue to develop a Wienerschnitzel drive-thru restaurant.

The project consists of constructing the freestanding drive-thru Wienerschnitzel restaurant on the southwest corner of San Jacinto Avenue and Esplanade Avenue. The project marks the third new retail development approval for San Jacinto in the past three months. A Starbucks drive-thru coffee shop that will be built on San Jacinto Avenue in the Stater Bros. parking lot was the first, and an Aldi grocery store on San Jacinto Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue was the second.

“The city is excited to welcome Wienerschnitzel, the world’s largest hot dog chain, to San Jacinto,” City Manager Rob Johnson said. “With Starbucks, Aldi Grocer and now Wienerschnitzel coming to town within three months of each other, San Jacinto is definitely one of the hottest retail markets around and experiencing attention from a regional perspective. Our housing starts are continuing to set records for us this calendar year that exceed those over the past 10 years, which is a great economic indicator for our retail recruitment success.”

The city is about to embark on a major facelift for San Jacinto Avenue from Seventh Street to Midway Avenue with a 1.1 mile, four lane, pavement rehabilitation project that is sure to improve vehicular traffic and set the stage for more new retail and restaurant development.

“Keep your eyes on San Jacinto, because we are quickly becoming the go-to city for development of all types, shapes, sizes and kinds,” Johnson said.

The city is also launching the hashtag #advanceSJ, which will be seen throughout its economic development materials. Hashtag #advanceSJ, much like hashtag #GoSanJacinto, will spotlight new amenities and bring attention to the improvements being made for the community by the city and its partners.

For more information and to get started connecting with updates from City Hall, text “GOSANJACINTO” to 22828.

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