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The law offices of Wilson, Kyncl & Khashan have been working with personal injury victims for many years. They’ve seen thousands of cases come in through their doors and have won many large settlements for their clients, even when those clients might have felt as though the odds were stacked against them.

Lewis Khashan, one of the partners at the firm, said the most important thing to him is making sure those who sustain personal injuries get the money they need for medical care and compensation. He’s worked on spinal injury cases, wrongful death cases, car accident injury cases and more, although his body of case work isn’t just limited to those kinds of injuries.

Khashan said he got into personal injury law s pecifically because he was struck with how impactful an injury can be in someone’s life.

“When you’re involved in a car accident, your whole life changes,” Khashan said. “From losing your job, possibly years of treatment, loss of income – it’s an area of law where we’re actually able to go out and get someone properly compensated for an injury they might receive because their only compensation in an injury case is money.”

Khashan’s partner, Mike Kyncl, agrees that getting clients the necessary compensation is extremely important, but he said it can be a somewhat dubious task with large insurance companies because they want to pay as little as possible.

“They always deny everything and they want to have proof for everything,” Kyncl said. “They want us to prove every damage, every injury; they always claim that the injury was preexisting or that it was not related to this accident.”

“Pretty much it’s the same defense all the time,” he said. “Deny everything and blame someone else.”

Khashan said that the law offices of Wilson, Kyncl & Khashan strive to be different than some of the big name law firms in order to get the right settlements from insurance companies.

Their medium-size and smaller caseload allows them to be more attentive to prospective and current clients and their needs. That’s made all the difference in terms of putting together the best cases for their clients and getting those clients the necessary compensation, he said.

“We’ve tried several cases where we’ve got millions and millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements,” he said.

The personal injury lawyer said he could remember one case where a client was going to take a smaller settlement than what he could have fought for.

The client had been working with two other attorneys on his case before coming to Wilson, Kyncl & Khashan and the lawyers at the other firms had recommended that he take a settlement of $15,000 from his insurance company when his injuries warranted better compensation, according to Khashan.

But after reviewing the case and looking at what happened, Khashan said he realized it would be better if the client continued to fight for the proper amount of compensation.

“They wrote him a six page letter to accept that offer and I met with the guy, we looked over the case, and I said, ‘no way, I think the case is worth ten times that,’” Khashan said. “We ended up getting him over half a million dollars.”

These days Khashan and others continue to work with clients. Khashan said he fights aggressively to get clients the necessary compensation they deserve because being aggressive and committed are necessary personality traits to being a personal injury


“It takes a lot of commitment,” he said. “Each client of ours, they all have my cell phone number and they can call me any time of the day.”

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