WJ Bradley Mortgage Capital selected as Temecula Gold Business of the Year

Saturday, Feb. 22 was a special day for the Temecula office of WJ Bradley Mortgage Capital, as they were presented with the Temecula Gold Business of the Year Award at the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce’s 48th annual awards gala for businesses.

Despite the branch’s young age of 4-years-old, it has proven itself a worthy adversary to a number of other mortgage companies in the area and stood out among its competition for its employee’s involvement in the community, according to Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce President Alice Sullivan.

Sullivan said there were a large number of qualifications the mortgage company had to meet in order to be considered for the honor and that included being a positive role model in the community, being in business for more than 36 months, and being a member of the chamber for more than a year.

The Chamber President said there was one other qualifying characteristic that set the company apart, and that was their commitment to community service.

“Their employees are involved both in the chamber and in other civic organizations in the area,” said Sullivan. “Actually, one of their employees is an ambassador and has been an ambassador for many years.”

Sullivan said that ambassadors to the chamber perform a wide variety of different tasks which include volunteering, mentoring other members and scheduling events that happen between the chamber and the city.

The Temecula branch’s win puts them among a number of other businesses that have won the honor since 1995 such as CR&R Environmental, Callaway Winery, and Wilson Creek Winery.

“We’ve been in the Temecula Valley for only four years so it came as a surprise,” said Nick Dexter, the branch’s production manager. “We had an indication we were nominated because we represent such an important part of the growth of Temecula, with new homeowners and giving them the opportunity that’s the American Dream.”

“I think we were certainly honored, but more importantly very surprised that a young company with young guys trying to make an impact out there in the market place (would be recognized),” he said. “To be recognized that early in our business is a great honor.”

Dexter said he believes the Temecula branch’s success comes in part from their commitment to being honest with people and letting them know what kind of expectations they should have when mortgaging a home.

He said he believes the branch’s commitment to helping members of the community facing hard times was another reason they were chosen.

This year members of the branch helped homeless individuals in the area by stuffing backpacks for them with things they might need and that’s something Dexter said he felt was important to do because WJ Bradley is a financial institution.

“Because we’re a financial service related industry, we felt like we should give back to those charities and help those that maybe have fallen down because of tough times in the industry,” he said.

While Nick Dexter said he was surprised and honored to win the Temecula Gold Business award from the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce, WJ Bradley Home Mortgage Consultant Jeremy Hauser said he wasn’t surprised at all.

Hauser said he moved from another mortgage company because he was impressed by how WJ Bradley’s Temecula office was doing and because he wanted to work in an atmosphere where people took pride in their jobs and responsibility for what they


The Mortgage Consultant said he’s found all that since the move and is looking forward to some possible growth for WJ Bradley which ranks as one of the smaller mortgage companies.

“I would not be surprised if in a year they’ve outdone Navy Fed and are creeping up on Sierra Pacific and Chase,” Hauser said.

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