WSH Investments: Providing quality homes at affordable prices

Investors in tough economic times must find a niche and Jim Waterman and Chris Herrin of WSH Investments have done just that.

Waterman and Herrin came upon an idea that would change their direction. They had purchased some manufactured homes in a park and decided to remodel them to sell. This particular park was selling spaces to owners and they were preparing to buy several of these lots when they were informed of the huge purchase price change for lots being bought by investors.

This sent Waterman and Herrin looking to relocate their manufactured homes that they already owned, instead of paying the $6,000 in space fees every month. That is when they found and purchased their first mobile home park in Brawley. Here, they updated the park and began to provide quality homes at affordable prices. This was the beginning of finding their niche.

Two years ago, Waterman and Herrin discovered Anza Pines Mobile Home Park. It was perfect for them, 36 out of the 52 trailers were owned by the park. This gave WSH Investments a chance to change the face of the park, a chance make a lasting difference.

The park resides just outside of the country township of Anza and is an easy commute from several valley and desert cities. The plan was to pick the mobile homes with a good structure, and upgrade the rest, replacing them with newer models.

All remodels done by WSH Investments are completely updated with new kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, and flooring throughout. On the outside, most of the updated and remodeled homes are in the craftsmen style, with decks and plenty of room to enjoy the outdoors. There is great attention paid to detail and quality.

The homes, once remolded, are very functional with good use of space. From many of the lots there is a beautiful view of the countryside and the park’s landscaping.

Anza Pines is family-friendly, the common grounds are well kept, and the park houses mature landscaping, a pavilion, a playground, and even a tree house. New utilities are being installed and there are plans for a dog park as well as some new lots being developed in the future. Of the 40 acres on which the park stands, most of it is undeveloped, giving way to unrestricted opportunity.

The best part of Anza Pines Park is the affordable pricing. With so many folk in the process of recovery, WSH Investments’ niche allows them to offer these homes at great prices, with owner financing. All that is needed is 10 percent down payment, with set payments that are cheaper than most rents, which give more individuals the opportunity to own their own home.

If the 10 percent down payment is a problem, a rent-to-own program is offered. Part of the rent goes into an account that in three years time is enough to meet the down payment. For WHS Investments, this niche has kept them going throughout hard economic times and provides a much needed service and product to the public.

“It feels good to create something that is lasting and touches others’ lives in a positive way,” said Jim Waterman.

If you’re tired of just renting, their updated homes are worth looking into, call (760) 902-8614 for more information.

Anza Pines Park is located at 53651 Highway 371, Anza, 92539.

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  1. Friend   August 1, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    With gas prices at 4.00$ plus a gallon, no work anywhere in anza, you can’t afford to live in the area. There prices of the old refurbished units are ludicrous. Your travel expenses and time on the road would be sensless.


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