Your Health Options offers personalized evaluations, care

Picking a Medicare insurance plan can often be difficult; there are many different options to choose from and there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” insurance company.

There are different costs for different types of medications and a person’s history as a patient might impact the type of insurance that’s best for them.

That’s why the representatives at Your Health Options strive to work with clients one on one, answering their questions and helping them to pick the best possible insurance provider after completing a personalized evaluation, according to representative Crystal Leonard.

Medicare is a federal program which guarantees health insurance for people who are over the age of 65 as well as some younger individuals who have disabilities.

There are multiple insurance companies that operate under the Medicare banner and Your Health Options works hand in hand with seven of them. The company facilitates relationships between the insurance companies and those who have recently become eligible for Medicare who are looking to get insured.

Leonard works with Medicare eligible individuals in Southwest Riverside and North County San Diego. The people Leonard works with most often are those who recently turned 65 who are now looking to get insured, but Leonard stressed that she works with any individual who is eligible for the federal program.

She gets to know her clients on a first name basis, not only to understand what their needs for an insurance company are but also to let them know when they need to complete certain elements of paperwork. She makes clear some of the murkier deadlines in an effort to make sure newly enrolled Medicare beneficiaries don’t get struck with penalties, which drive up costs.

For the customer service representative, being able to build trust with clients is an important thing. She said her clients know they can depend on her to help them make the right decision.

That might mean Your Health Options doesn’t offer enrollment in an insurance company that’s most appropriate for a client. When the possibility arises, Leonard said she does the best thing for the client by referring them to another insurance service.

But Leonard said the most important thing for her to determine when meeting with a new client is whether that individual can keep their current doctor.

“The number one question to ask is whether they can stay with their doctor,” she said. “That’s the first question I ask because that’s usually the most important relationship a patient has is with their doctor or physician.”

Leonard added that helping a patient to keep their doctor can be an important step in helping them get enrolled with a Medicare-approved insurance provider because it eases the transition into the new service.

But Leonard said there other important things to consider with regard to Medicare. One of those, she said, is the cost of medication. It’s always important to make sure clients are picking an insurance service that keeps medication prices affordable.

The representatives at Your Health Options often strive to stay in touch with their clients.

Accessibility is key for Leonard, who lets her clients know they can call her all throughout the course of the year if they have any questions regarding their insurance.

“We’re not just there to enroll them in the plan and then move on,” she said. “We live in our communities that we work in and our clients know that they can always depend on us after the enrollment.”

Your Health Options Insurance Services is located at 3990 Concours, Suite 500 in Ontario, California.

For more information, visit or call (888) 784-4242.

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