Lake Elsinore City Council favors five-district, by-district election map

Lake Elsinore City Council favors five-district, by-district election map

The Lake Elsinore City Council has approved a proposed five-district map for election by-district that will, after final approval, allow voters from each district to elect their own council representative with the mayor being appointed in rotation or by council vote. The third public hearing on the transition from at-large elections to by-district elections was […]

Lake Elsinore City Council holds first public hearing for election transition

Lake Elsinore City Council conducted the first of four public hearings regarding the proposed transition from at-large to by district elections Tuesday, Nov. 28. The goal of the hearing was to receive public comments and input regarding the formation of new voting districts. The city was forced to consider the move after receiving a letter […]

Initiative filed to repeal car and gas tax hikes

SAN DIEGO – The statewide campaign to repeal the car and gas tax hikes is underway with the formal filing of a ballot initiative to amend the state constitution to reverse the tax hikes and to require a state vote before raising car and gas taxes in the future. “Sacramento politicians really crossed the line with […]

Support for Voter ID laws is growing, but not everyone is happy

Dan Weber President of Association of Mature American Citizens Special to Valley News Liberals seem hell bent for leather to enable voter fraud by insisting that identification verification laws are unfair. But the majority of Americans – including many Democrats – believe that verifying the identity of voters doesn’t suppress voter turnout, according to a study conducted by […]

Two incumbents, pair of high-profile challengers win seats in crowded RCWD board election

Two longtime Temecula-area water district directors easily won re-election, but two others were ousted by a pair of high-profile challengers in the recent election for Rancho California Water District board members. One of the successful challengers, Angel Garcia, tasted victory, after repeatedly falling short in his bids to win seats on the Temecula school board […]

Monday is deadline to register to vote in August 29 Special District Mail Ballot Election

   Monday (Aug. 14) is the deadline for voters to register and be eligible to cast a ballot in the Aug. 29 election. The Aug. 29 election includes the Rancho California Water District, Pine Cove Water District, and High Valleys Water District and is not a countywide election. It is also an all mail-ballot election, so there will be no […]

Temecula vote charts council election future

Temecula vote charts council election future

Prodded by a lawsuit threat and pinched by a tight deadline, the Temecula City Council finalized a shift from at-large elections to geographic districts. Council members winced over the city’s legal predicament and the state-mandated procedures before they set the boundaries of Temecula’s future council districts. “We do want to be in compliance,” Mayor Maryann […]

Election Integrity Project concerned about inactive voter registrations, fraud

An organization calling for stricter voter identification laws in California claims to have found five counties in the state with hundreds of thousands more registered voters than voting-age citizens. The Election Integrity Project said an audit of data from California’s VoteCal database for the counties of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Solano and San […]

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