Juicing can provide nutrients for better health

Juicing can provide nutrients for better health

RIVERSIDE COUNTY – More and more health professionals are encouraging their patients to reduce their intake of processed foods and, instead, consume whole foods to help prevent disease and manage symptoms of many ailments. Depending on one’s risk factors and symptoms, certain foods are advisable to help keep the body in as healthful of a […]

Tips to add some pizzazz to your pastries

Tips to add some pizzazz to your pastries

When stepping into a bakery, your nose can often smell a delicious cake or pie even before you sample the delicacy. But while professionally prepared pastries might be the most delectable desserts, even homemade baked goods can get makeovers to look like something out of the pages of a classic cookbook. Those on dessert duty […]

In search of the perfect avocado

In search of the perfect avocado

Do you know how to pick out a perfectly ripe avocado? “Alligator pears” are plentiful in the area. For those residents who don’t grow this unlikely looking fruit, or have friends who do, some of the local grocery stores carry avocados delivered straight from Del Rey’s packing plant. Some of the best known varieties grown […]

Youth programs available during holiday break

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest County is offering winter break camp for all youth from first to twelfth grade. The camps will operate in cooperation with school holiday breaks and include field trips, youth development programs, a Dec. 24 winter party and a New Year’s Eve celebration. Clubhouse Camp Dates: • Old Town Temecula […]

Creative recipes for Back to school lunches

There are some very creative recipes you can try to get rid of those lunchbox blues. Some of these recipe titles may have some strange names, but that might even make them more intriguing to your child. Just think back to when you were a child and have fun with it! These recipes should help […]

Beef Stew

Recently we had a phone call from dear friends John and Julie Ditzler asking if we’d be home the next night. They were driving in our neck of the wood and would be houseguests the next night if it would work out with us. “Don’t fuss” was their request. This is not a problem for […]

Valentine’s Day gifts of love from your kitchen

What to cook for a Valentine’s Day gift? The answer is as individual as your favorite Valentines. Everyone is different. Whatever they would LOVE is a perfect choice! For some this means something chocolate. For others, a meatloaf fashioned into a heart shape says, “ I love you” more aptly than a fancy box of […]

‘Midsommer’ in Sweden means savory delights

In the Gavle (“Yev-lay”) area of Sweden, where my ancestors, the Wallinders, emigrated from in 1891, the Midsommer holiday is taken very seriously. My Cousin Mona goes into the forest to cut down the Midsommer tree, a björk (birch), which is then placed in a bucket of water on the front stoop. Our family also […]

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