Democrats deny equal protection under the law

SACRAMENTO – Assemblywoman Melissa A. Melendez, R-Lake Elsinore, announced Democrats killed her bill, Assembly Bill 757, in the Assembly Public Safety Committee. This legislation would have made California a “shall issue” state by making self-defense a just qualifier to receiving a concealed carry weapon permit. “Today the Democrat majority spat in the face of the […]

Hosed at the pump

That’s the message from Governor Brown and his Sacramento allies as they passed Senate Bill 1, imposing massive tax increases on California’s motorists. Our worn-out roads are a direct result of failed leadership and broken promises, not a lack of money.  Californians already pay among the highest fuel and vehicle fees in the nation. Even […]

Helping San Diegans cope with Alzheimer’s disease

As with so many issues involving medical research and health care, San Diego County is ground zero in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease. That’s why I was so pleased to help moderate “A Community Discussion on Alzheimer’s,” sponsored by Biocom and Biogen that recently took place in San Diego. The event covered all aspects of […]

My bills are moving

March has been a busy month in Sacramento as the Legislature moves into high gear. Happily, four of my bills have received overwhelming bipartisan support, all passing votes in their respective committees March 21. My Assembly Bill 182, the Heroin and Opioid Public Education Act, passed the Assembly Health Committee in a unanimous vote. The […]

Protecting California wildlife

My Assembly Bill, AB 1031, will help California’s native wildlife receive care and rehabilitation provided by nonprofit organizations throughout the state.  My bill allows taxpayers filing their tax returns to voluntarily `check off’ a specified amount to support the Native California Wildlife Rehabilitation Fund. On a daily basis, California’s animal rehabilitation organizations rescue injured, sick or orphaned […]

Melendez Names Heather Rawlings 67th Assembly District Woman of the Year

Melendez Names Heather Rawlings 67th Assembly District Woman of the Year

MURRIETA – Assemblywoman Melissa A. Melendez, R-Lake Elsinore, announced last week, she has named Murrieta resident, Heather Rawlings, as the 67th Assembly District’s Woman of the Year. “Heather has been a champion for businesses in a state that fosters a hostile business climate,” said Melendez. “As someone who has been fighting to bring jobs back to California, it […]

Tiedman named 2017 Woman of the Year

I am honored to name Martha “Marty” Tiedeman my Woman of the Year for 2017. California’s Woman of the Year program was founded 30 years ago to celebrate contributions to society made by our state’s remarkable women. With her long history of dedicated public service, Marty Tiedeman is well-deserving of this recognition. Marty’s public service […]

Protecting seniors from abuse

My Assembly Bill 728 will not allow convictions of elder/dependent adult abuse to be eligible for “expungement.” An expungement proceeding is designed to have the records of a prior conviction destroyed, eliminated or sealed. While current law allows expungement of criminal records under certain circumstances, elder abuse should not be included. San Diego County alone handles approximately […]

Riverside County D.A. Michael Hestrin sees early release of prisoners as serious crime issue

Riverside County D.A. Michael Hestrin sees early release of prisoners as serious crime issue

Riverside County District Attorney Michael Hestrin calls the county’s crime increase “troublesome,” putting the blame squarely on the 2012 prison realignment plan and the 2014 Proposition 47 releasing “non-violent” prisoners early and making any thefts valued under $900 misdemeanors. His views as District Attorney came in his Thursday, March 2, Public Safety Town Hall meeting […]

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