Pechanga hosts 11th Annual Powwow

The Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians hosted their 11th Annual Powwow last weekend on the reservation’s festival grounds. A powwow is basically a gathering of Native Americans to pay tribute to their heritage. It is a time for inward thought and spiritual depth. It is a time for seeing old friends and meeting new friends. […]

Follow a recipe for food safety

For many people, food makes the party. All other elements can be average, but if the food is delicious, the event is a success. Regardless of whether you’re hosting two or two hundred, there’s more to serving food than just ensuring it is enjoyed – food safety should also be a top priority. Food-borne illnesses, […]

Diabetics’ feet require special care

Summer is a time for sun and fun, beaches and bare feet, but it also poses a serious danger for those with diabetes. So much so, that the California Podiatric Medical Association urges diabetic patients to be aware that prolonged hot and humid weather can lead to a number of foot woes, including third-degree burns […]

Caring for the Caregiver

Caring for an elderly relative is oftentimes a thankless job. Whether your relative is suffering from Alzheimer’s or the damaging effects of stroke or another debilitating disease, caring for an aging family member can be a trying experience – one that can test both your patience and your commitment to person you’re caring for. Such […]

Do You Know What’s In Your Pet’s Food?

They say “you are what you eat,” and what you put or don’t put into your body can have an effect on your overall health and well being. The same can be said for your pets. Unfortunately, most pet owners don’t know that the majority of commercial pet foods contain ingredients that are a far […]

Questions Are a Cancer Survivor’s Best Friend

Surviving cancer is no small feat. Upon diagnosis, many cancer patients fear the worst, fully recognizing the difficult battle that lies ahead of them. For survivors of cancer, that battle typically does not end after the cancer has gone away or into remission. Instead, many cancer survivors remain understandably fearful of the cancer coming back. […]

Prenatal Tests – What You Need to Know

During a woman’s pregnancy, she wants to make sure that she and her baby are healthy and remain that way until the fetus reaches full term. That entails eating healthier and taking prenatal vitamins, getting enough rest, regularly visiting the doctor, and possibly undergoing a variety of prenatal tests. Prenatal tests can detect many problems […]

Exercise, activity a friend to kids with diabetes

According to the National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP), about 177,000 people under the age of 20 suffer from diabetes. Those numbers figure to rise in the coming years. That’s thanks in large part to rising obesity rates among children, who are becoming increasingly susceptible to type 2 diabetes, a condition formerly known as adult-onset diabetes. […]

Focusing on Family

Martial Arts is a broad term encompassing many different styles of physical disciplines that have developed over the centuries. Merrilee Neal, fourth-degree black belt and owner of Fallbrook Martial Arts, says it’s a great deal more than just kicking and punching. “We provide a positive environment for students of all ages,” she states. “We focus […]

Coastal Plastic Surgeons and Body Contouring

Benefit of Liposuction: Men and women that would like to improve the contour of their body by suctioning fat deposits in areas including the chin, neck, jowls, cheeks, arms, inner and outer thighs, buttocks, knees, calves, ankles, hips, and abdomen. Liposuction is preformed with the patient asleep under general anesthesia. Smaller areas can be performed […]