Meditation and depression

The word “meditation” has a lot of baggage attached to it. Even in this age of corner-store yoga classes, an exotic whiff still lingers over meditation. Is it a good thing? Is it difficult? How do I do it? Sometimes associated with particular religions, meditation is not the practice or ritual of any sect but […]

Passport to Paradise

It feels like I should have had a passport to get here to Paradise, CA. It seems like a different world I’m in. For instance, the other day it rained, but being high in the trees we were enveloped in a cloud, the rain coming gently down, a very mystic mood – a world away […]

Resolve to do less

New Year’s Day is the day for resolutions. We promise ourselves that we will stop smoking, lose half our body weight in 10 days, run a triathlon by spring, and pay off all our credit card bills. Instead of adding to your already overloaded “To Do” list, why not try making a resolution to do […]

A Word from the Wise : Senior getaway to Paradise

Greetings from Paradise, CA. My friends all worried that a road trip might be too much for me at my age. Told them that I would be OK. Not to worry, I will be smart and plan ahead. Every day we make plans and make decisions. This trip to visit old friends from Temecula, who […]

Meal planning during Christmas

During the holidays it is very hard to stick to your meal plan. Choosing more healthful items from the six food groups for every meal can make a difference in your blood sugars. Eating in moderation and sticking to the correct portion size are the key. You will succeed if you keep the balance (one […]

Pet loss and grief

Companion animals make up a large part of many people’s lives. Some people refer to their dog or cat as a “kid with fur,” and when that pet passes away from illness, accident, or old age, the loss cuts deep. Pet owners live with the knowledge that not only will they outlive their pet, they […]

Taylor’s Tips – Packing for a trip

Much has been written on how to pack a suitcase, the right way, for a trip.  Some suggestions are very helpful.  No one tells you about the agony of deciding what to pack.  Then there is the second guessing about what all to take.  As a mature woman, a senior, I even find planning ahead […]

Taylor’s Tips : ‘Home for Christmas’

“Home for Christmas” was the title of the Habitat for Humanity first annual decorated tree, raffled off at Wiens Family Cellars on Thursday night, Nov. 29. This beautiful tree event was to raise money for all the wonderful projects they support. Filled to overflowing, the eight trees filled the air with the glitz and glamour of the […]

Relay for Life planning meeting set

Volunteers, cancer survivors and concerned citizens are invited to attend the American Cancer Society Temecula 2008 Relay for Life planning meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 12. The meeting will be held at Great Oak High School staff lounge at 6:30 p.m. Relay for Life is the American Cancer Society’s signature event, held in more than 4,000 […]

Music may be the key

Michael Torke, a contemporary classical music composer, quipped, “Why waste money on psychotherapy when you can listen to the B Minor Mass?” Music regulates our moods, lifts our spirits, gets our heart pumping, and articulates heartfelt emotions we could not normally express without sounding foolish. If you wake up to a blah day and wonder […]