Who will be my Successor Trustee?

If you have a Trust or have thought about whether or not you should have one, here is an opportunity to consider your needs and how you want your legacy to be handled. As with large companies, your Family is your business. You want the right person to assume control, if you, as “CEO”, are […]

Coastal Plastic Surgeons

“When there is a so-called cosmetic surgeon masquerading as a plastic surgeon, around every corner; and each one qualifies themselves as a fusion of Michelangelo and Mother Theresa, how do you decide to whom to trust your care?” asks Dr. M. K. Batra. He’s hoping his reputation will point patients his way. After all, he’s […]

Know Your Macronutrients: Fat is Not the Enemy; Do you think of fat as an enemy?

You’re not alone. Most people feel that way. But you need to think of fat as a valuable nutrient that is not only important, but actually essential in your diet. Surprised? Consider all that fat does for you: 1. Fat helps control hunger.After we eat, fats linger in our stomachs, making us feel full longer […]

Learn to cope with stress at work

Feeling stressed at work? Maybe it’s your boss’ micromanaging, the constant deadlines or some irritating, competitive coworkers that are causing you to have sleepless nights, triggering headaches or making your blood pressure rise. Whatever the reason may be, prolonged stress can affect not only your job productivity but also your personal relationships and your physical […]

If the shoe fits, it’s OK to wear

Too many people choose fashion over function when purchasing running shoes, not realizing that poor-fitting shoes can do more than hurt their stride; they can also lead to pain throughout the body. Because footwear plays such an important role in the functional biomechanics of the human body — especially for runners and other athletes — […]

Planning your funeral in advance

If a little planning on your part could relieve your family from the stress of making important decisions during an emotionally wrenching time, would you do it? Planning your funeral service in advance can offer emotional and financial security for you and your family. With preplanning, which doesn’t necessarily mean paying in advance, families find […]

Sports Corner

As you are probably already aware, your Boys & Girls Club of North County has kicked off another wonderful season of boys and girls youth basketball. Once again we have provided our audiences with some of the most sought-after talent in the county by hosting games (or nail-biters) that even Phil Jackson and the rest […]

Holiday traveling? A few tips to lessen the stress

With the holiday season upon us all, you may be traveling to spend time with loved ones or just to enjoy a much-needed vacation. With families spread out more so than ever before, air travel has become increasingly common, not to mention stressful, during the holiday season. Prior to the terror attacks of September 11, […]

Healthy feet, healthy people

When Jose Cantu of Edinburg was diagnosed was diabetes more than 20 years ago, feeling sick was not an option. “I had a family to support,” he said. “I had to be well enough to work.” Cantu knew that physical activity would ease the effects of diabetes, so he made an effort to be more […]

‘Knock Your Socks Off’ campaign calls for foot screenings

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month and the Podiatric Medial Association has begun a “Knock Your Socks Off” campaign to promote the need for foot screenings. The human foot has been called the mirror of health and podiatrists are often the first doctors to see signs of systemic conditions, particularly diabetes. But all too often […]