Think Before You Sip

It happens every day. People take a quick swig from a bottle of water or juice that they thought was theirs. If they’re lucky, the only consequence might be a chiding comment that they’ve picked up the wrong drink. Far too often, though, the consequences are much more serious. The person drinking the “wrong drink” […]

Blood Donation Basics

Each year, millions of people give the gift of life by donating their blood at blood drives. Some do it without a second thought. But others may have not donated because the thought of giving up blood makes them queasy. If you are in the latter group, it may put you at ease if you […]

Trends in Massage and Spa Therapy – Part 1: A Brief History of Massage

When looking at the latest trends in spas with massage therapy, we can get a better perspective by first looking at the origins of massage. The use of the hands to alleviate pain is arguably the oldest healing form. Healing with touch is natural and instinctive: we immediately touch areas of discomfort and pain on […]

Spa Star: Barbara Findler’s Many Hats

Barbara Findler wears many hats. She is a mom, a massage therapist and, for the last seven years, the co-owner of Fallbrook Wellness Spa, which she founded in Fallbrook, California, in San Diego County. Her passion for massage therapy has led Findler to study at 13 massage schools and accumulate 2,700 hours’ training during her […]

Keeping Fit Should Be a Family Affair

Today’s society is health-conscious. From low-carb options to fad diets, it’s hard to turn on the television without seeing an advertisement for losing weight or getting in shape. It would seem surprising then that so many families across the country do not fit that healthy mold. In fact, according to Jyl Steinback, “”America’s Healthiest Mom”” […]

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