Holiday traveling? A few tips to lessen the stress

With the holiday season upon us all, you may be traveling to spend time with loved ones or just to enjoy a much-needed vacation. With families spread out more so than ever before, air travel has become increasingly common, not to mention stressful, during the holiday season. Prior to the terror attacks of September 11, […]

Healthy feet, healthy people

When Jose Cantu of Edinburg was diagnosed was diabetes more than 20 years ago, feeling sick was not an option. “I had a family to support,” he said. “I had to be well enough to work.” Cantu knew that physical activity would ease the effects of diabetes, so he made an effort to be more […]

‘Knock Your Socks Off’ campaign calls for foot screenings

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month and the Podiatric Medial Association has begun a “Knock Your Socks Off” campaign to promote the need for foot screenings. The human foot has been called the mirror of health and podiatrists are often the first doctors to see signs of systemic conditions, particularly diabetes. But all too often […]

It’s time to “come clean”

Your body is the house in which you live! Most people spend a lot of time keeping things clean. We bathe, wash dishes, vacuum our carpets, sweep our floors, take our cars to the car wash, and launder our clothes. However, very few people ever give thought to the idea of internal cleanliness. Every day […]

Healing a Grieving Heart

Losing a loved one is a heartwrenching experience. The powerful, complex, and conflicting emotions that survivors struggle with often leave a person feeling alone and helpless. Understanding the basic elements of grief and learning key coping skills can help individuals heal and move forward after their loss. There is no correct way to face the […]

Use your feet to feed your mind, build your body

Wherever you go, there you are. Or so we’d all like to think. But it’s actually possible to be absent your entire life. We certainly take up space — more all the time, in some cases. We function: get up, feed the kids, go to work, come home, feed the kids, think about exercising, watch […]

Celebrate musical theater with the Temecula Vintage Singers

It’s time for the annual Vintage Singers Cabaret Concert. This year, this often sold-out event celebrates “A Stroll Down Broadway.” The concert features music from Rodgers and Hammerstein, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Stephen Sondheim. Concertgoers will be thrilled to hear many of the composers’ best known songs in choral arrangements and in solos. As a special treat, […]

Many popular shoes fail podiatrists’ tests

What do foot doctors, who presumably see patients after they’ve picked the wrong shoe, think about all of the technology shoe companies are touting? By and large, they think it confuses consumers. In interviews, several podiatrists offered roughly the same set of guidelines for sneaker buying: The shoe must have a strong sole and mid-sole […]

Arthritis pain

Although there are over 100 different types of arthritis, including lupus, gout, fibromyalgia and many more, the type of arthritis that affects most people is osteoarthritis. Over 70 million people in the United States have osteoarthritis, a number that is expected to grow as the population ages. While most of these people with osteoarthritis are […]

The Pumpkin Mask

The Great Pumpkin – This well known gourd used extensively in the fall in the kitchen for traditional Pumpkin Pie as well as for seasonal decoration and as an icon of Halloween, has found its way to the world of spa treatments. It’s beneficial anti-oxidant properties and exfoliating enzymes are giving it a new use […]