Cosmetic Breast Surgery Past and Present, Part 2

Breast augmentation has become one of the most commonly requested cosmetic surgical procedures with an estimated 212,500 cases performed in the US alone last year. Interest in breast enhancement has frown tremendously throughout the 20th Century. The search for the perfect implant to enlarge breasts safely and with uniformly good results continues, but much progress […]

Cosmetic Breast Surgery Past and Present, Part 1 of 3

“We ourselves possess beauty when we are true to our own being.” -Plotinus, 3rd Century Roman Philosopher In America today, millions of women, and to a lesser degree men, are unhappy with their breast size and contour. They are self-conscious because their breasts are too small, too big, too saggy, distorted, or uneven. This can […]

Pursuit of Ageless Beauty, Part 1

Beauty…What is It? How Do We Achieve It? And How Do We Maintain It? Aging, appearance and vitality can be a deep source of anxiety in our fast-paced and highly competitive society. It is important to have a positive self-image leading to positive self-esteem. Sociologists have learned from their studies that physical appearance is extremely […]

Skincare Not Just for Summertime

In this age of the increasingly sun-obsessed, most people have come to grips with the fact that, come summertime, sunscreen is as much a part of their lives as barbecues and weekends at the beach. Unfortunately, it’s all too typical for the notion of protecting your skin to vanish once the temperatures dip and the […]

Fur not a key factor in animal allergies

One of the latest crazes in the pet industry is the careful breeding of dogs to create “hypoallergenic pets.” Some of this breeding involves boosting the numbers of dogs that are less likely to cause allergic reactions, while in other cases, two different breeds are mixed to create a “designer” dog, purported to be the […]

‘Zombie’ side effects cause public to look for better answers to sleep problems

Prescription sleep aids have received some bad press as of late in the wake of several stories of strange behavior by people taking these medications. According to published reports, some individuals taking the popular Ambien, manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis, have experienced sleepwalking and amnesia, and have participated in potentially dangerous activities while under the ‘zombie’ spell […]

Running out of alternatives to manage chronic pain? Chronic pain sufferers now have a safe, drug-free option for pain management

Has the recent FDA probe into the entire class of Cox-2 inhibitors left you in pain and worried about what relief options you have now? The withdrawal of popular prescription pain killers from the market has left many chronic pain sufferers questioning, “What alternatives do I have now to manage my pain?” YOU’RE NOT ALONE […]

Public comment sought on Gregory Canyon Dump EIR

A successful California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) lawsuit filed by RiverWatch, the City of Oceanside, and the Pala Band of Mission Indians against the Gregory Canyon Dump, was awarded last October by Superior Court Judge Michael Anello. Citing serious flaws in the Final Environmental Impact Report prepared by Gregory Canyon Ltd., the Judge’s ruling stated […]

Follow a Recipe for Food Safety

For many people, food makes the party. All other elements can be average, but if the food is delicious, the event is a success. Regardless of whether you’re hosting two or two hundred, there’s more to serving food than just ensuring it is enjoyed – food safety should also be a top priority. Food-borne illnesses, […]