Parents should comfort their kids after a tragedy

Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio Special to Valley News In a dangerous world with round-the-clock media reports, the emotional effects of major tragic events transcend local boundaries. They trouble the national psyche, bringing sadness, anger, fear and anxiety throughout the country, and they can make a particularly heavy impact on children and teens. Two of the five […]

Seven tips to help keep ticks away

Gig Conaughton County of San Diego Communications Office Sure, it’s the holiday season. But it’s also tick season. That’s right. Tick season. Those little, eight-legged, bloodsucking parasites that are so creepy to find them latched onto adults, children or pets. So, before taking advantage of the cooler weather to run outside and venture into nature, […]

Dr. Raul Coimbra will lead expansion of Riverside University Health System trauma and acute care programs

MORENO VALLEY – World renowned trauma surgeon, Dr. Raul Coimbra, has joined Riverside University Health System Medical Center as surgeon in chief, hospital officials announced. Coimbra’s academic and scientific experience will be instrumental in expanding the hospital’s regional leadership in trauma and acute-care surgery and in improving trauma services across Riverside County, Dr. Arnold Tabuenca, […]

Seasonal influenza cause emergency medical services and hospital surges

RIVERSIDE – With ambulance service severely strained by an unprecedented number of flu-related visits to hospitals and emergency rooms, health officials in Riverside and San Bernardino counties are offering residents advice about the best ways to avoid the flu, when to call 911 and when to visit the emergency room. The Riverside County Emergency Medical […]

Women should prepare for their own long-term health care

Lisa Odoski Special to Valley News Women spend much of their lives caring for others. As mothers and wives, they never seem to stop giving to their families and husbands. So who will take care of mom if she needs long-term care? Or will she plan ahead for her long-term care? It’s important that she […]

Romaine lettuce E. coli fears reported in U.S., Canada

ATLANTA – Consumers are being advised to avoid eating romaine lettuce until the cause of a dangerous strain of E. coli bacteria found in the popular vegetable in the U.S. and Canada has been found. Consumer Reports and the Centers of Disease Control reported in the past seven weeks that 58 people have become ill, […]

Improve relationships by improving communication skills

When people stop to think about it, they all realize that good communications are vitally important in building strong, positive relationships with others. The problem is that most people are leading such busy – often stressful lives – that they forget to really think about communicating effectively. Good communication does require extra focus and effort. […]