Immigration issue should be labeled properly

I am writing in reference to the previous letters you have printed regarding the number of illegal immigrants coming into the United States. One specific thing called out to me repeatedly while reading those letters — either people seemed to feel all immigrants were horrible and should be shot at the border or, on the […]

The duty of the people

The American Revolution began over tax abuses. The colonists decried taxation without representation, saying that whenever a government abused its taxing power “…it is [the people’s] right, it is their duty, to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security.”Indeed, the recall momentum can be traced to the illegal increase […]

Democratic party opens campaign headquarters in Temecula

When the presidential election rolls around every four years, the Democratic Club of Southwest Riverside County opens a new campaign headquarters. This year, the club opened has up its headquarters in Temecula on 27499 Jefferson Ave., in the Stater Bros. shopping center. As a part of the Sept. 6 grand opening celebration, about 100 people […]

Article was shocking

I have just finished reading the article in your paper regarding the recent town hall meeting held over the issue of immigrants and feel obligated to respond. It was shocking to read an article that leads me to believe this community is filled with racism and intolerance. It appears that those whose names were mentioned […]

Sacramento’s dirty little secrets

This year complaints have abounded from my Democrat colleagues regarding offshoring. Offshoring is a derogatory word for “reducing business costs.” Or, if you want to be blunt, it means figuring out a way around California’s hostile business climate.Some California businesses have been hit with so many costs and regulations that it is cheaper for them […]

Thank you for the incredible success

I would like to thank the City of Temecula, Paradise Chevrolet/Cadillac, Rancon, Guidant, Temecula Valley Bank and the other 50 individual and business sponsors who all came together in support of the first Temecula Valley International Jazz Festival. It was, by all accounts, an incredible success. I would like to share an e-mail from the […]

Kerry has inconsistencies

John Kerry is a flip-flopper? Take a look at some of these examples: * Kerry was for the war, but then he was against it because he wanted to win this election, not because he is against the war. Kerry supporters can’t see or won’t see the hypocrisy.* Kerry runs on being a war hero […]

Randy’s Excellent Ad-venture

My friend Randy Thomas was recently featured in a Los Angeles Times full page advertisement for his employer, Exodus International. In the ad, he briefly recounts his story of change from a gay to straight identity. Apparently, the Times is getting lots of mail about the ad and some reaction has been printed in the […]

Budget solution

From 1999 to 2002, I wrote articles showing the state was headed for fiscal disaster. It was increasing spending far faster than the economy was growing. In fact, in my articles, “The Perfect Budget Storm” and “The Budget that Ate California,” written in May and July of 2001, I predicted massive budget deficits within the […]

A Real Club For Growth In California

There are two reasons why people get involved with politics: (1) the personal pursuit of money and power, and (2) the pursuit of a political agenda related to personal beliefs about the role of government. There is also a dilemma in politics — the candidate or officeholder cannot pursue a political agenda based on principle […]