Create memorable holiday gatherings with ease

Longing to create memorable holiday gatherings without the stress? Join Diana Fox, interior decorator and columnist for the Valley News, and Kathi Allen, an event planner, for a seminar named “Easy and Elegant Entertaining for the Holidays.”The class will be held from 7 to 9 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 16, at the Eagle Glen Cabana in […]

The press must take a hard look at themselves on the immigration issue.

Time magazine’s Sept 12 blockbuster account of our immigration crisis, “Who Left the Door Open?” has undergone a “post-report analysis” by its reporters, the two-time Pulitzer-Prize winning duo Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele.Barlett said in the Sept. 12 report, “I began [reporting] in 1956 and never have I seen a more badly covered […]

Who is afraid of Vicente Fox?

a? If an American commits a crime we have no trouble sending him to jail, but when it comes to illegal aliens, our lawmakers hem and haw and finally conclude:“We can’t deport them.” Certainly we can – boxcars pick them up and head to the border.“We are too compassionate a nation.” Compassionate, yes, but for […]

Pit bull positives outweigh negatives

That’s your problem: you’re only an observer on the issue and know nothing about pit bulls. Their positive traits far outweigh their negatives. It’s the fact that their positive traits are used against them by people. For one, they are smarter than the average dog and are easy to train. They are more devoted to […]

Not all day laborers illegal

Those people who are stereotyping all ‘Hispanics’/’Latinos’ who congregate on the corner as day laborers as “illegal aliens” are being racist. Why? Because they fail to realize that there are legal or US citizen Latinos who also stand on the corner seeking work.

Retired Teachers’ Week is Nov. 7

I would like to describe the many ways in which California Retired Teachers in Fallbrook and other California communities help California citizens. During the last two years, Fallbrook Retired Teachers have volunteered over 30,000 hours in this community. At $16 per hour, that means they have saved $480,000 for those who would have hired others […]

A note of thanks

On behalf of Mr.Gibbs’ fifth-grade class, I would like to thank all of the businesses who helped me with raising money for the fifth-grade field trip.This year’s annual Fall Festival featured a dozen game booths, a food court and drawings with prizes exceeding $1,000.I just want to say thank you to every business who helped […]

Follow the Money

Politics have always been about distributing the “booty” of the private sector. Politicians, in their pirate mode, take from taxpayers, claiming they’re taking from the rich, and then distribute that take with their political supporters. This is as it always has been.Even James Madison wrote, in 1787, in the Federalist No. 10, that much of […]

Political myths

We all learn about Greek and Roman myths in school, and we know that they are just stories that these ancient civilizations made up to explain some of their traditions and behaviors. Myths are not problems if everyone knows that they are false. A myth becomes dangerous if people accept its false view of the […]

The invisible candidate?

Has anyone seen Ray Haines? I am under the impression that he is running for, or sauntering toward, re-election as our assemblyman in Sacramento. What is of concern is the direction that he is taking. Is it by way of better representation concerning the needs of education in our community? Is he taking the road […]