The 2004 Nosey Awards

The more the government gets involved in regulating every aspect of our private and professional lives, the further it gets from being able to successfully fulfill the basic responsibilities that we need government for in the first place. If we spent more time in the Legislature working on our state’s infrastructure and public safety, and […]

Stem cell research needed

Ray Haynes is an ignorant, uncompassionate Neanderthal when it comes to embryonic stem cell research.Notice, he does not oppose in-vitro fertilization clinics, which facilitate production of extra pre-embryo cells (microscopic undifferentiated cells).Nobel Laureates call for research on all stem cells (these “throwaways” included) to learn the etiology of diseases. It is not known what will […]

How many should immigrate?

Rigoberto’s argument makes the basic unfair assumption that anyone who wishes to come to the United States may do so, either legally or illegally. Do the American people, most of whose ancestors came here with a ‘permit’ from the established government, have a right to determine who they want to join in our culture? If […]

Bush for another term not right for the country

I am on the opposite end of the spectrum with regards to Mr. Murray; I am too young to even cast my vote in this election, and yet I face some if not all of the same problems as Mr. Murray. If Bush is re-elected, this war could be indefinitely long. We could even find […]

Attack of the propositions

Are you ready to do your homework, California?You are probably aware that next month you are being asked again to play some small role in helping to choose the leader of the free world for the next four years.But many of you still may not realize that you are also going to have to make […]

Ignore the dust

Boo hoo!So what — a little dust and dirt?! Sweep it up yourself! Be happy you have street improvements and live in such a fine community!The dust and dirt will eventually be nonexistent!This community sure has a lot of whiners — Just be glad you live here and not in Argentina!

Hard to be sober in Wine Country

What a wonderfully ironic headline: “Sober living facility in Wine Country irks neighbors!” Why should anyone be sober in Wine Country? Wine and sober are not compatible! Of course the neighbors will be irked!

Temecula not racist

I am writing this letter in response to the “visitor” who accused some Temecula residents of being bigots and racist by exercising their right to protest.I would like to remind all of the readers that this group of protesters is supporting our local border patrol and protesting employers who choose to hire illegal immigrants rather […]

Legal immigration not always easy

Writing in response to Mr. Juan “John” Guzman – I read the article he wrote and I believe that he was either confused or misinformed when he decided to write his opinion. I was surprised that he decided to write something after almost a month had passed since my opinion was published.I believe that he […]