Consider president’s record before voting

My life is at stake in the polls of this November’s election, and I ask myself, what has the president done for me or my country? The answers are complex. They are not simple and cannot be diluted by post-9/11 rhetoric of fear and aggression. I look to the accomplishments of these past four years […]

Liberty is the issue

A question is raised every election — What is the most important issue facing this state and this country? Sometimes the politicians say it is education or crime or health care or taxes. It isn’t. The question in every election is always ‘What is the proper role of government?’ Discussions about the details of that […]

Once again, Murrieta = POOR PLANNING

Although I support hi-tech improvements and the street disruption was minimal, the project created lots of dirt and dust flying in the air. The streets are still dirty and dust stirs up each time a car passes. The city should have planned to require the streets be sweeped two or three times in addition to […]

Enjoys local columnist

Just a note to tell you how much I have enjoyed the good articles written by Diana Fox in your Home and Garden section these past weeks.She is focused and helpful with her description for making one’s home so beautiful, yet so different from others. Each week her articles seem to get better and better, […]

Temecula residents called racist, hate mongering

I was in Temecula visiting my sister a few weeks ago and had the misfortune of witnessing the racist, hate mongering citizens of your city in action. I might remind these rabid fools that in 1825 “Alta California” WAS an official territory of Mexico! So, perhaps a little tolerance is in order here. This land […]

Mid-priced restaurants needed in Murrieta

What is the Davcon Developer thinking, turning down Red Lobster & Olive Garden?? This isn’t La Costa or Aviara… or Orange County, for that matter. This is a family oriented, hard-working community that just wants a place to take their families to eat. There are no oil barons out here who require expensive so-called “upscale” […]

Wake up, Murrieta residents! We have issues

Great article on recall in Murrieta! It seems that the bigger questions are really still not being addressed, or should I say, there are probably so many one could write a whole newspaper and call it “Wake up, Murrieta residents! We have issues.” Who decided to dig up every street in Murrieta all at one […]

No Child Left Behind program has problems

I just received my copy of California Educator, the magazine published for California teachers by the California Teachers Association. In her column as President of CTA, Barbara Kerr attempts to persuade all California teachers to vote for John Kerry for President and Barbara Boxer for Senator. She lambastes President Bush for the problems brought about […]

There is a difference between “legal” and “illegal” immigrants

In response to Rigoberto Hernandez’ recent opinion, “Immigrants contribute to economy,” I was dismayed at his failure to distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants and his opposition to “illegal immigration sweeps in Temecula and surrounding areas.”Mr. Hernandez is proof that through hard work, sacrifice and determination, the “American Dream” is alive and well in America.My […]