Elect Nancy Knight

The Riverside County Board of Education has created a new Trustee position for area 7; covering the Lake Elsinore, Murietta and Temecula School Districts. As Riverside faces new challenges in the future of Education, we need a Trustee like Nancy Knight who will bring vision, experience and dedication to this position. Nancy has been a […]

A message from EVMWD: Taking a LEAP of faith

As 2003 finally came to a close and a new year was welcomed in, Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District closed the chapter on the second phase of the permitting process for their innovative LEAPS project. LEAPS, otherwise known as the Lake Elsinore Advanced Pump Storage Project, is an idea that came into fruition in 1997 […]

Super Bowl Greatness-Half Time Disgrace

Our Super Bowl gameTwo Thousand and FourStarted boring and tameSome fans known to snoreThen out of the blueThe action beganExcitement then grewIn the heart of each fanA thrilling display Of sports at the bestOur Super Bowl gameEnjoyed East to WestNorth and South tooMost folks will agreeEach year to renewMake sure it will beToo bad to […]

Open Letter To Major General Bowdon Commanding General, Camp Pendleton

Because of the federal budget deficits and subsequent cost-cutting, there may not be any funding for more housing at Camp Pendleton. You were forced to close the uninhabitable and unsafe housing on base, due to the pressure generated by the grass roots activism that I led out of our concern for the health of your […]

Haynes to fight against secret sex ed

Bill would require schools to once again notify parents about changes in sex education curriculumSACRAMENTO-Assemblyman Ray Haynes (R-Murrieta) in refusing to let a Democrat-controlled legislature take over California parent’s roles and rights in their child’s education, introduced a bill that would better notify parents about exactly who is teaching their child’s sexual education.This bill contains […]

I’ve Got Your “Plan B” Right Here

This week, my Democrat friends in the legislature held an informational hearing on the budget. The highlight of that hearing was a request to the Governor’s staff for an alternative to the Governor’s budget in case the bond proposed by the Governor for the March 2nd ballot fails. One member exclaimed \\"I want to be […]

Assembly Passes Haynes’ Bill to Honor President Reagan

Reagan’s “Peace Through Strength” Led to the End of The Cold War SACRAMENTO-Today the California Assembly unanimously passed Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 164 honoring the leadership and accomplishments our 40th President, Ronald Wilson Reagan. The measure praised President Reagan for his public service, support of the armed forces, “peace through strength,” and the greatest economic […]

Conflict-of-Interest Budgeting

SCENARIO #1 “Assemblyman Smith, vote for this budget, and our union will write you a check for $15,000. Not to your campaign – to you personally. Buy a new car, get your wife a Louis Vuitton purse, get braces for your kids—we don’t care. Just vote for this budget and the money is yours. I […]

Forget the Alligators – Drain the Swamp

There’s an old adage that comes to mind when reading the Governor’s budget: \\"When you’re up to your eyeballs in alligators, it’s hard to remember that you came to drain the swamp.\\"The practical application of that adage will define the success or failure of this administration, and with it, of California. The fatal is take […]

Mr. Really-Liberal-California Politician

It’s Super Bowl time, when all the new commercials come out. Have you seen those Real Men of Genius/Real American Hero series of commercials, celebrating Mr. Way-Too-Much-Cologne Wearer or Mr. Giant-Taco-Salad Inventor? Well, they missed one. So, to help out those Madison-Avenue types who missed this obvious set of geniuses, I offer up a salute […]