Abusing the credit card

This week the state bailed out Vallejo Unified School district by giving them $60 million. Last year the state bailed out Oakland Unified by giving that district $100 million. Over the last three years, more school districts have come to the state asking for money, and threatening to go bankrupt, than ever before.From 1850 to […]

Guest Column

The beautiful Menifee Valley area is exploding in population. (My wife, Karen, and I have contributed our share to this ever-increasing population explosion with four beautiful daughters – Daniela, age seven, and triplets [this is NOT a typo!] Sarah, Holly, and Megan, age 3 1/2.) There are houses sprouting everywhere you turn. Drive to work […]

Hollingsworth statement on the passing of President Reagan

SACRAMENTO – Senator Dennis Hollingsworth (R-Murrieta) issued the following statement on the passing of President Ronald Reagan: “Ronald Reagan was one of the greatest leaders of the 20th Century. He was also one of the greatest presidents in American history.“President Reagan was a great leader because of his rare combination of unique traits. His optimism […]

Proudly Partisan

A regular complaint in the media and at community meetings I attend in the district is that we legislators are “too partisan.” Every mention of a party label seems to make some people uncomfortable, as if we are suddenly over-politicizing a conversation or meeting.Welcome to politics!I will admit there have been times when legislators will […]

Ruling from an alternative universe

I love the old Star Trek shows. My favorite ones always involved Captain Kirk going through some wormhole to an alternative universe, a different dimension, where everyone worried about matter and anti-matter colliding, causing the end of life as we know it. I’ll bet you didn’t know that we have that problem in Sacramento. I […]

They Still Don’t Get It The voters demanded reform, but all we’ve seen is legislative nonsense from the Democrat majority.

There’s no disputing that 2003 was a tumultuous year in California. A wildfire of political revolt swept the state in October, then a few short weeks after that, nature’s wildfires swept across Southern California. Unfortunately, now halfway through 2004, it is clear that the people who still control our state legislature learned nothing from the […]

Hollingsworth Calls Brush Clearance Bill a “Sham”

SACRAMENTO – Today, Senator Dennis Hollingsworth (R-El Cajon) called Senate Bill 1369 by Sheila Kuehl (D Santa Monica) \\"a sham.\\" SB 1369 passed the Senate floor on a partisan vote of 25-12, with Democrats voting in favor and Republicans opposed. Arguing in favor of the bill, Senator Kuehl claimed that the measure was a reflection […]

Haynes Names California Dreamin’ as Small Business of the Year

SACRAMENTO—Today Assemblyman Ray Haynes (R-Murrieta) announced the selection of the Temecula-based California Dreamin’ Balloon and Biplane Adventures as the 66th Assembly District Small Business of the Year. California Dreamin’ will be honored at an award luncheon celebrating California Small Business Day on May 26th, in Sacramento.Assemblyman Haynes explained, \\"California Dreamin’ Balloon and Biplane Adventures has […]

‘Silly bills’

This is May revise week. For those of you who don’t know, May revise is the last of the Governor’s budget proposals before the Legislature gets down to the real business of finishing the budget. All of the folks involved in the process, the Governor, the Legislators, and the special interests, know how much money […]

Petty Personal Politics

California is facing a number of serious problems: our freeways are overcrowded; our houses are priced out of reach; we are unable to produce sufficient electricity, water, gasoline, and natural gas; and our budget is $15 billion out of balance. The quality of life in this state has sunk to the point that businesses and […]