Doing Nothing About Illegeal Immigrants

It’s pretty much official: We are not going to do anything about illegal immigration this year in the State of California. As a representative of the state government, there is really very little we can do on an issue that is by policy and by jurisdiction primarily the responsibility of the federal government. That said, […]


I am a simple guy. I have found, through my life experiences, that usually the best answers to a social problem are the simplest ones. They may not be easy to achieve, but they are simple to find.Take, for example, the question of teen pregnancy. We know that teen pregnancy rates have been skyrocketing. What […]

Assembly Democrats Kill Haynes’ Money-Saving Bill Committee chooses union politics over principal

SACRAMENTO-Assembly Democrats once again demonstrated their unwillingness tocross their labor union allies in order to save taxpayer money. MajorityParty Democrats on the Assembly Public Employees, Retirement and SocialSecurity Committee voted to kill Assembly Bill 2575 by Assemblyman RayHaynes (R-Murrieta) despite the fact that it could save the statesubstantial money in tough economic times.During the Gray […]

Rats, rents, garbage and jobs

The Department of Finance, in its April 2004 Finance Bulletin, observed that California added 5,200 non-farm jobs, which “is surprisingly low considering the nation as a whole gained 308,000 jobs.” Apple Computer just closed down its Sacramento plant, and the California State Automobile Association just moved all of its telephone operations to Arizona. Just these […]

Why the Pledge of Allegiance matters

There is a great principle at the heart of the movement to strike the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance – and from our national customs, our currency, and our public ceremonies. It has very little to do with atheism. It has a great deal to do with authoritarianism.The philosophy of the American […]

PROM: I never stood a chance

It’s that time of year. They are saying that word again. The one that almost makes me break out in hives. Prom. It’s been two years since my daughter’s Senior Prom and I’m still in recovery. The kid is finishing her second year of college and it seems like yesterday that we were trying to […]

Nosy neighbors not needed

Your article about “curb appeal” in the April 2, 2004 edition set all kinds of flags off in my mind.First, of all I don’t understand anyone being surprised by the fact that surrounding homes affect property values.Second, most of us moved into this area knowing it was a risk, because we all knew there were […]

A special thank you

I want to thank all of our new subscribers and welcome you to the Valley News. Positive response to our subscription program with the weekend Los Angeles Times has been so overwhelming that we have had the challenge of starting delivery for over 5,000 new subscribers in just a few weeks. We want to apologize […]

John Kerry supports Byron’s position on housing for Pendleton families

Dr. Mike Byron’s campaign to represent California’s 49th Congressional District received a strong endorsement from Democratic presidential challenger John Kerry this past weekend when the Senator publicly stated his support for reopening 1,000 housing units at the El Toro Marine Base, which was closed in 1999, to accommodate the approximately 1,000 marine families at Camp […]

Welfare Fraud Fraud

I have been losing my hair since I joined the Legislature. It is not because of age; it is because of frustration. The more I hear about government, the more frustrated I get, and the more hair I lose. Let me give you an example. In the last several weeks, the Legislature, for the first […]