California Oak Report

State Predicts Significant Forest LossesThe California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF) recently released its Forest and Range 2003 Assessment. According to CDF California has a total of approximately 5 million acres of oak woodlands, with about 4.2 million acres in private ownership (80 percent). Private oak woodland acreage includes Blue Oak-Foothill Pine (754,000), […]

Filing paperwork early doesn’t mean you have to pay IRS early

Filing your taxes early doesn’t mean you have to pay them when you submit the paperwork to the IRS or the California Franchise Tax Board.According to the California Society of CPAs (, you have until April 15 to pay your 2003 taxes regardless of when you file your returns.\\"Not many people know that they don’t […]

County Supervisor Endorsement

At its monthly meeting, the Murrieta Firefighters Association voted to join other local public safety organizations in endorsing Temecula City Councilman Jeff Stone for his run for County Board of Supervisors. The association recognized Jeff’s positive approach to public safety and his progressive attitude for Southwest Riverside County.

New Republican Women’s Caucus announced by Temecula Valley Congress of Republicans

The Temecula Valley Congress of Republicans (TVCR) has announced they have formed a new Republican Women’s Caucus and have elected Robbie Motter as the Caucus’s Chair. The Republican Women’s Caucus is dedicated to electing more qualified Women to Leadership in California and the Republican Party. The TVCR is chartered by the rules of the California […]

Why give illegal immigrants a break?

Where do good Americans go when confronted with President Bush’s plan to reward illegal immigrants with social security? Can we sit by and let the law be diminished or abandoned on this issue or let people who came here illegally have the same rights as people who spent time in line to come here legally?What […]

The value of art education

Art education in the public schools is severely lacking in United States. I feel that we should have a well-rounded education in all subjects, as well as arts, such as fine arts, music, and literature. I feel that children should be exposed to the highest forms of these arts, arty-crafty type art that is taught […]

An interview with Temecula Mayor Jeff Stone

I’ve lived here since 1983, so it’s been about twenty-two years. I actually moved here to open my first pharmacy, which was called Temecula Pharmacy. It was next door to the first Stater Brothers that was on Jefferson. Then three years after we opened, Payless Drug Store came into the shopping center and ended up […]

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