Protecting seniors from abuse

My Assembly Bill 728 will not allow convictions of elder/dependent adult abuse to be eligible for “expungement.” An expungement proceeding is designed to have the records of a prior conviction destroyed, eliminated or sealed. While current law allows expungement of criminal records under certain circumstances, elder abuse should not be included. San Diego County alone handles approximately […]

Rebuilding our transportation infrastructure

Last week I joined my Assembly Republican colleagues to announce introduction of the Traffic Relief and Road Improvement Act (TRRIP). Unlike other proposals you may have heard about, our plan will restore and enhance California’s transportation infrastructure, without raising taxes! Since the 1970s our population has almost doubled, but our highway system has not kept pace. […]

Sheriff Sniff: Criminals finding new safe harbor

Sheriff Stan Sniff Special to Valley News Prop. 47, the “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act,” has indeed produced a safe harbor – but not for schools and neighborhoods. Instead, a swath of repeat criminals have found refuge in the measure’s broad, inflexible provisions. The statewide proposition was approved by California voters Nov. 4, and took […]

Journalism should provide people with valuable, verified information

I don’t often comment on national politics, unless it’s an election year, but President Donald Trump’s words really got me thinking this week. During his Feb. 16 news conference, he addressed his issues with the press calling them “dishonest” and saying, “The press is honestly, out of control.” I have to say I agree with […]

Letter to the Editor: Whittier Police shooting should be wake-up call for Legislators

To the Editor, I am really upset by the police-involved shooting in Whittier this morning. Two police officers responded to an auto accident and upon arriving at the scene, the driver of the car opened fire with a semi-automatic pistol. Officer Keith Boyer was gravely injured and was pronounced dead at the hospital. The other […]

Supporting the life sciences

As a member of the Assembly Health Committee, I am working to open up access for new innovative treatments, cures and therapies that directly impact the lives of thousands of Californians. Ensuring that California maintains its pivotal role as a center for life sciences research is a vital part of these efforts. Continuing the medical […]