Water secured for tribal lands

Indian tribes in our arid region need access to reliable water to continue to live on reservation lands. This session, I jointly wrote Assembly Bill 1361 with Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia, D – Coachella, to streamline water deliveries to Indian reservations throughout California. The bill allows water districts to enter into voluntary agreements with sovereign Indian tribal […]

Temecula Council to seek help to fix Interstate 15 gridlock conditions: ‘We can’t pour enough concrete’

Dear Editor, Just wanted to comment on Tim O’Leary’s fine article, “Temecula Council to seek help to fix Interstate 15 Gridlock Conditions,” in the Oct. 6-12 issue of Valley News but… we really need to make Mayor Maryann Edwards and Councilman Mike Naggar aware that pouring more concrete to widen I-15 from Fallbrook to Lake […]

Help is only a phone app away

Getting help or information from government agencies can often be time consuming and frustrating. Figuring out what agency to call and suffering through busy signals and multilayered automated phone directories can make callers forget the reason they called in the first place. But now people can get help by simply downloading an app through App Store […]

Welcoming back an old friend

As a military spouse, I am used to people coming and going from my life. For many years we lived in military housing which is the epitome of a revolving door. People come and go from military housing on a weekly, sometimes even daily, basis as orders are processed and executed. Some days it seemed […]

Senator Mike Morrell responds to governor’s signing of sanctuary state legislation

To the Editor, Unfortunately, the winners under SB 54 are individuals who have been arrested for committing crimes such as assault, theft or battery, just to name a few, and have extensive criminal histories or known gang affiliations. Our local law enforcement officers, who keep us safe, will no longer be able to communicate with their federal counterparts in […]

The 75th Assembly District is making a difference

Our wonderful 75th Assembly District is chock full of amazing people who make a difference in the lives of others every day. Here are just some examples. The Angel Society of Fallbrook, funded through the Angel Thrift Shop downtown, has provided over $3.6 million in grants since 1978, including $50,000 for library reconstruction. Last year’s […]

Race baiting dominates the news

In 20 minutes of casual news scanning on just one network, I found five news items dealing with race baiters – those who see racism in everything. They appear to want to rewrite U.S. history emphasizing white oppression. Here is what I learned. At the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, students, notably the Black Law Students Association, […]

The Legislature considers a few good bills

There are good bills amid the hundreds of bills awaiting the governor’s signature. Helping local school districts save for special projects or financial emergencies was impacted by a cap that was placed on school reserves in 2014. This year, I supported Senate Bill 751, by Sen. J Hill, D-San Mateo, and Sen. Steve Glazer, D-Orinda, […]

Constitution Day is largely a forgotten holiday

Constitution Day was Sunday, Sept. 17, arguably the most forgotten designated day in America. The mainstream media will say nothing of it. No parades or city council proclamations; nothing of it in the week prior in university classes. No three-day weekend, beer busts or barbecues in its favor. It is as though it never happened. Probably not one in […]

Support for Voter ID laws is growing, but not everyone is happy

Dan Weber President of Association of Mature American Citizens Special to Valley News Liberals seem hell bent for leather to enable voter fraud by insisting that identification verification laws are unfair. But the majority of Americans – including many Democrats – believe that verifying the identity of voters doesn’t suppress voter turnout, according to a study conducted by […]