The Legislature should join the 21st century

  Processes in the state Capitol are way out of date. During the seven to eight months I spend in Sacramento annually, I use much of my time working and voting on legislation and meeting with advocacy groups and constituents to discuss legislation. Even so, keeping up with constituent and district concerns isn’t easy when you’re […]

Drivers go back to school for safety

Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna Special to Valley News When I was younger I hated all the back-to-school commercials. They were a dreaded reminder that summer was over and pretty soon I’d be back inside a hot, stuffy classroom, mourning my lost freedom. As an adult, the back-to-school season brings another warning. Our morning and afternoon […]

The positions political women hold in today’s California are still scant, but growing

Only 26 of the California Legislature’s 120 members are women – nine Senators and 17 Assemblymembers. Women serve at all levels of leadership, including my position as Minority Floor Leader and Senator Patricia Bates, the current Senate Minority Leader.  Surprisingly, no woman was elected to the state Senate until 1976, and none were elected to the […]

Heads up Senate Bill 1 will cost you more than 12 cents a gallon

Jonathan Ingram Special to Valley News Governor Jerry Brown and his democratic legislature’s bill, Senate Bill 1, imposes $52.4 billion in taxes and fees that will steal from the pockets of California’s working class. It allegedly “only” adds 12 cents a gallon in state gasoline taxes, but that is an outright lie. The Board of […]

San Diego’s life sciences seek news treatments and innovations

San Diego County ranks fourth in the nation as a center for the life science industry after Boston, North Carolina’s Raleigh-Durham region and the San Francisco Bay Area. As a member of the Assembly Health Committee, I advocate for affordable and accessible life science innovations for patients’ quality of life. The importance of the industry […]

Hold on to your wallet

As your Assemblywoman, I oppose tax increases, which is why I voted against extending cap-and-trade, a huge regressive tax on the working men and women of this state. Though cap-and-trade fees generate billions for California’s general fund, there is little evidence of any positive environmental impact. Under the program, caps are placed on greenhouse gas […]

Luring people back to fishing is time well spent

As you know, I am an outdoors enthusiast, and that enthusiasm includes fishing. Anything we can do to get people out of doors, especially our kids, will lure people away from electronic distractions and expose more people to the outdoors. This session I am a very proud co-author of Senate Bill 187, introduced by Sen. […]

Human trafficking, sex crimes and what you can do to help

If you have been reading Valley News or our sister paper, The Village News, you may have noticed an influx of articles on human trafficking, prostitution and a variety of other sex crimes. While it may seem unusual for a community paper to delve into such “hot button” issues, I believe it is necessary to […]

Big changes ahead for taxpayers and businesses

Assemblymember Marie Waldron Special to Valley News The California State Board of Equalization is an agency familiar to our small businesses. Known as the BOE, it’s a place businesses file their quarterly sales taxes, fee and tax appeals, including fire fee and property tax appeals. The BOE handles tax fraud, taxpayer rights issues and criminal tax […]