Nonprofit performs largest litter study

Nonprofit performs largest litter study

National nonprofit Keep America Beautiful (KAB) has announced the results of the largest litter study ever conducted in the U.S. The study identifies and dissects the causes, effects and costs of litter in America, and is the first major national survey of litter in the U.S. in 40 years. KAB, established in 1953, is the […]

Local musicians create rockin’ country album

Local musician son Danny Louis Foye recently released new album debuting original country/rock music. Former singer/guitarist for Anza’s Tin Star, San Diego’s Planet, Los Angele’s Quiet Riot, and Austin’s Teazer produced an eclectic mix of swing, spiritual, waltz, rockabilly, country/rock, ballad, bluegrass, blues, Latin and comedy in this fresh creation that many people may enjoy. […]

Anza council makes changes, gives thanks to members

The Anza Valley Municipal Advisory Council (AVMAC) would like to thank Tulvio Durand for his past years of service as the chairman of the organization and wish him luck in his future endeavors. His hard work and dedication will surely be missed. Robyn Garrison has been elected by the board to sit as their new […]

Worldviews from up the grade

Afghanistan We have 200,000 troops in Afghanistan. It appears we are supposed to be training Afghanistan forces to take over fighting the Taliban. As I remember, different countries have tried to conquer Afghanistan but have failed. This is a very costly situation. Seems we have been in this situation in the past. Will a troop […]

Anza Pharmacy administers good dose of service

The community pharmacy in Anza is the only one around for miles. Anza Valley Pharmacy is invaluable to its rural population. Owner and pharmacist, Soji Akanwo, has to work hard to serve this town. He’s proud to be of service. “We are here to help people live healthier and longer lives,” Akanwo said in a […]

Undergraduate applications overwhelm state system

The California State University system received a record-breaking 609,000 undergraduate applications during the two-month priority application period from Oct. 1 through Nov. 30, officials recently reported. The surge in applications came as the CSU system worked to reduce enrollment by 40,000 students over the next two years due to a $564 million state budget cut. […]

Hemet woman found shot now identified

HEMET – A woman who was found shot to death on a Hemet street has now been identified by authorities. Investigators said they believed Rosanna Ambrose, age 26, of Hemet was shot at another location and then dumped in the 42000 block of Rockview Drive. Her body was discovered by a resident leaving his home […]

Student finds deceased woman in field

HEMET – A child walking to school in Hemet today found the body of a woman transient, who police believe died from exposure to the bitter cold. The body was reported about 8:45 a.m. near Crawston and Menlo avenues after the child ran to school to tell what he or she had seen, Hemet police […]