So rude

I love to golf! I am not very good, but there is something satisfying about taking all my frustrations out on a little white ball. During a recent tournament I came across a man talking loudly on his cell phone. My friend asked him to please be quiet. It was a tournament, after all! The […]

Was He a liar?

If, when Jesus made His claims, He knew He was not God, then He was lying. But if He was a liar, then He was also a hypocrite, because He told others to be honest, whatever the cost, while He, at the same time, was teaching and living a colossal lie. More than that, He […]

Gateway Church

Gateway Church will soon offer the following Super Saturday Seminars: • March 24: “Issues and Challenges for Bonding the Generations” and “How to Reach Our 50+ Unchurched Friends and Relatives for Christ” with Dr. Charles Arn, EdD • April 21: “Blessed are the Caregivers” and “Putting the ‘Grand’ in ‘Grandparenting’” with Sandra Hayhurts Each seminar […]

Cornerstone Community Church

Cornerstone wants to make Easter special this year by delivering 400 Easter baskets to children in our community. Specifically requested are individually wrapped candies, small toys, pencils and pens and Christian coloring books and crayons. We will be assembling the Easter baskets on Sunday, March 25, at 1 p.m. We need volunteers for assembly and […]

Super Saturday Seminars sure to inspire

“Being an aging adult does not mean the conclusion of a meaningful, productive life but rather the beginning of a new, exciting season of life,” says Jerry Rose, president of Significant Living. Coming this spring to the Temecula Valley are five Super Saturday Seminars featuring some of the best nationally recognized church leaders. Gateway Church […]

Eagle Ridge

Eagle Ridge Church holds the following Bible studies: men’s study every Wednesday morning at 6:00 a.m. “Living the Extraordinary Life;” senior adult study every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m.; adult studies with and without childcare available at three locations at 7:00 p.m.; youth group for grades 7 through 12 from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m; women’s study […]

Move it into action

If I were to open my refrigerator right now I would find soda, milk, juice, cheese, yogurt, taquitos and many other wonderful things to eat and drink. I often complain there is nothing to eat when in reality there is plenty to eat; there’s just nothing that I want at the moment. I am so spoiled! Did you […]

To silence the critic

“If miracles,” writes Bernard Ramm, “are capable of sensory perception, they can be made matters of testimony. If they are adequately testified to, then the recorded testimony has the same validity for evidence as the experiences of beholding the events.” (Ramm, PCE, 140) This certainly holds true of Jesus’ miracles, for they were performed before […]

Canyon Lake and Cornerstone

On Thursday, March 29, from 7 to 8:30 a.m., come to a full breakfast meeting entitled “A Second Chance in Golf and in Life: The Mulligan.” Speaker will be Mr. Kent Brown, executive director of International Jr. Golf Tours and former associate of the Ben Hogan Organization. He will talk about how God has influenced […]

Cornerstone Community Church

Cornerstone wants to make Easter special this year by delivering 400 Easter baskets to children in our community. We need the following items to fill the baskets: • Candy (individually wrapped) • Cookies • Small toys • Small stuffed animals • Christian books • Christian coloring books and crayons • Hair accessories for girls • […]