Bautista Creek Elementary students ‘Bear’ well at the school’s 25th birthday

The banner “Bautista Creek Rocks” greets the more than 900 students who participated in the Bautista Creek Elementary School’s 25th anniversary celebration, Sept. 20. Tony Ault photo

The more than 900 students, their teachers and furry mascot, the Bautista Bear, rocked out Sept. 20 with dancing, clapping and singing during Bautista Creek Elementary School’s 25th anniversary celebration.

Bautista Creek, one of Hemet Unified School District’s oldest schools, was almost closed once, but it is wonderfully alive today with a dedicated cadre of teachers, new principal Greg Giroux and plenty of students, becoming one of the best schools in the district. Enthusiasm for the future is shown by everyone who attended the anniversary celebration with the “happiest kids in the world.” Each child also received a cookie made by the teachers.

Attending were HUSD Superintendent Christi Barrett, Director of Assessment and Accountability David Howland, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Sally Cawthon, other school administrators and former principals.

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