CID funds allocated for Santa Rosa Plateau field trips

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors approved the allocation of $3,500 of District 3 Community Improvement Designation funds for Santa Rosa Plateau field trips, a San Jacinto student conference, the Murrieta/Temecula Fitness Challenge, and the Lemon Lily Festival in Idyllwild.

The supervisors’ 4-0 vote April 18 authorized $1,000 to the Santa Rosa Plateau Nature Education Foundation, $1,000 to Women Wonder Writers for the Sheroes conference with San Jacinto middle school and high school students, $1,000 to MS Fitness Challenge for the 2017 Murrieta/Temecula Fitness Challenge, and $500 to Friends of San Jacinto Mountain County Parks to help sponsor the eighth annual Lemon Lily Festival.

Each county supervisor has a discretionary Community Improvement Designation budget which can be allocated to nonprofit organizations, public agencies or county departments, or other community organizations with programs which serve the social needs of the county’s population. The recommendations must be ratified by a majority of the board of supervisors. The 3rd District funds allocated April 18 were from the budget of Supervisor Chuck Washington.

The Santa Rosa Plateau Nature Education Foundation will use the money to transport students to field study sites on the ecological reserve and along local watershed areas; approximately 3,000 students annually participate in that education program. Women Wonder Writers has a Sheroes conference which focuses on breaking the cycle of abuse and victimization of children through creative intervention and mentorships. The MS Fitness Challenge offers training and education to individuals afflicted by multiple sclerosis. Friends of San Jacinto Mountain County Parks holds an annual Lemon Lily Festival to encourage appreciation of the Lillium parryl native lily.

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